U.S. House of Representatives Approves Farms Bill Which Would Legalize Hemp Research

The United States House of Representatives, with a 216 to 208 vote, has approved a national farms bill aimed at overhauling farm laws across the nation.hemp One of the amendments included in the proposal – which was voted on and approved last month – would legalize industrial hemp research in states which have legalized its production under state law, such as Kentucky.

“Without a doubt, this was an historic day for industrial hemp in America”, stated Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, who has pushed for hemp legalization on the national level since Kentucky approved a measure legalizing hemp earlier this year; “There’s a long way to go in the legislative process. And I won’t be satisfied until Kentucky farmers can legally grow industrial hemp again. But I am pleased that we have made it this far.”

Eric Steenstra, president of the organization Vote Hemp, shared a similar sentiment;”We’re excited that the hemp amendment was included in the farm bill that was passed today. This moves us one step closer to our goal.”

The farms bill now moves to the Senate; a lot of discussion and back-and-forth is still expected, but so far there’s been no indication that the hemp portion of the bill will be removed.


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  1. Great but they did away with food stamps which means this bill has zero chance of being voted on in the Senate and would get a quick veto by the president so it’s a symbolic gesture at best.


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