Texas Lawmaker Files Legislation to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

Legislation to decriminalize marijuana possession has been filed in the Texas Legislature.

State Representative Joe Moody has prefiled legislation that would decriminalize the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana. The measure would make it so that anyone caught with up to an ounce could be fined a maximum of $250, but would not receive any jail time or criminal record. This is in stark contrast to current law, where possessing up to an ounce is punishable by a fine of up to $2,000 and up to six months in jail (as well as a misdemeanor charge on your record).

“Civil penalty legislation is the first thing I’ve filed on the first day of filing for the 86th Session”, said Moody in a press release. “There’s been an incredible swell of bipartisan support since last session, and the official Texas Republican and Democratic platforms both approve of this kind of reform now,”. Moody says he’s “optimistic that this will be the session we finally see smarter, fairer marijuana laws in Texas.”

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There Was Over $135 Million in Legal Marijuana Sold in Colorado in September

There was over $135 million in marijuana and marijuana products sold legally in Colorado in September, according to data from the state’s Department of Revenue.

In total there was $135,536,453 in marijuana and marijuana products purchased legally in Colorado in September. This is slightly less than the $141 million sold in August, which set a record in the state for the most marijuana sold in a given month.

Of the $135 million in marijuana sold in September, $27.9 million came from medical marijuana sales, the remainder coming from the sale of recreational marijuana. These sales helped Colorado garner around $20 million in tax revenue for September alone.

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Michigan Marijuana Legalization Initiative Should Take Effect Next Month

In all likelihood marijuana will become legal next month in Michigan.

On Tuesday Michigan voters handily passed Amendment 2, which legalizes marijuana for everyone 21 and older. The measure will now take effect 10 days after election results are certified, which almost always occurs in early December This would put the state on track to have marijuana legalization by the end of the year.

Once in effect, the new law will allow those 21+ to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, or up to 10 ounces at a private residence; they will also be allowed to grow up to 12 marijuana plants at a private residence.

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Study Says “CBD Shows Similar Efficacy in the Severe Pediatric Epilepsies to Other Antiepileptic Drugs”

Cannabidiol (CBD) “shows similar efficacy in the severe paediatric epilepsies to other antiepileptic drugs”,  states a new meta-study published by the journal Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, and epublished by the National Institute of Health.”

“There are hundreds of compounds found in the marijuana plant, each contributing differently to the antiepileptic and psychiatric effects”, states the study’s abstract. “Despite considerable community interest in the use of CBD for paediatric epilepsy, there has been little evidence for its use apart from anecdotal reports, until the last year. ” Researchers note that “Three randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trials in Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome found that CBD produced a 38% to 41% median reduction in all seizures compared to 13% to 19% on placebo.”

Similarly, “CBD resulted in a 39% to 46% responder rate (50% convulsive or drop-seizure reduction) compared to 14% to 27% on placebo. CBD was well tolerated; however, sedation, diarrhoea, and decreased appetite were frequent.”

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Utah Voters Pass Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative

An initiative to legalize medical marijuana has been passed by Utah voters.

Proposition 2 was passed today by a majority of voters, showing that medical marijuana has strong support even in one of the most conservative and religious states in the country.

The initiative legalizes the possession and use of marijuana and marijuana products for those who receive a recommendation from a physician and register with the state. The measure authorizes a licensed system of marijuana dispensaries, which will be allowed to sell up to two ounces of cannabis to a qualified patient.

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Medical Marijuana Legalized in Missouri

Missouri voters have said “Yes”, they want medical marijuana legalized.

Missouri has legalized medical marijuana through the initiative process, with voters approving Amendment 2 this evening. The measure, which was passed with over 65% in support, legalizes the possession and use of marijuana and marijuana products for medical purposes. Those wanting to use marijuana legally will first need to receive a recommendation from a physician.

The measure authorizes medical marijuana dispensaries, which will be allowed to sell marijuana to patients. Amendment 2 places a 4% tax on medical marijuana.

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Michigan Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Michigan voters have made their state the 10th in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.

Michigan LegalizesProposal 18-1 has been given approval this evening by Michigan voters, with over 55% in support. Put forth by the Committee to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, the initiative legalizes the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, or up to 10 ounces at a private residence, for those 21 and older. The measure also legalizes the personal cultivation of up to 12 marijuana plants.

In addition, the initiative legalizes a licensed and regulated system of marijuana retail outlets, which will be supplied by licensed cultivation centers. Marijuana will receive two taxes; a 10% excise tax plus the standard 6% sales tax.

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New Study “Confirm the Anxiolytic-Like Properties of CBD”

A new study published by the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry “confirm the anxiolytic-like  [anti-anxiety] properties of CBD”.

“Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the non-psychotomimetic compounds of Cannabis sativa, causes anxiolytic-like effects in animals, with typical bell-shaped dose-response curves”, states the study’s abstract. “No study, however, has investigated whether increasing doses of this drug would also cause similar curves in humans. The objective of this study was to compare the acute effects of different doses of CBD and placebo in healthy volunteers performing a simulated public speaking test (SPST), a well-tested anxiety-inducing method.”

A total of 57 healthy male subjects were allocated to receive oral CBD at doses of 150 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg or placebo in a double-blind procedure. “During the SPST, subjective ratings on the Visual Analogue Mood Scale (VAMS) and physiological measures (systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate) were obtained at six different time points.”

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Marijuana Use Helps Some Patients Alleviate Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, Finds New Study

A new study conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School, Tufts University and McLean Hospital has found that marijuana use may help patients with bipolar disorder to alleviate their symptoms.

The study, titled Joint Effects: A Pilot Investigation of the Impact of Bipolar Disorder and Marijuana Use on Cognitive Function and Mood, was published by the journal PLoS One, as well as the National Institute of Health.

“Marijuana is the most widely used illicit substance in those diagnosed with bipolar I disorder”, states the study’s abstract. “However, there is conflicting evidence as to whether marijuana may alleviate or exacerbate mood symptomatology. As bipolar disorder and marijuana use are individually associated with cognitive impairment, it also remains unclear whether there is an additive effect on cognition when bipolar patients use marijuana.”

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Mexico Supreme Court Rules Marijuana Prohibition is Unconstitutional

Mexico’s Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that the nation’s ban on recreational marijuana is unconstitutional, effectively leaving it to lawmakers to regulate consumption of the plant, reports the Associated Press.

In its ruling he court found that adults have a fundamental right to personal development which lets them decide their recreational activities without interference from the state.

“That right is not absolute, and the consumption of certain substances may be regulated, but the effects provoked by marijuana do not justify an absolute prohibition of its consumption,” the ruling said.

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