CBD gummies for kids: Is it safe?

CBD CandyCBD oil has become quite popular for the treatment of many painful ailments. CBD is a component of the marijuana and hemp plants, along with THC. The CBD oil you commonly buy through retailers is an extract from the hemp plant.

Apart from CBD oil in various carrier oils, you also get CBD in the form of topical creams, edible gummies and more. CBD gummies are made from the extract of the hemp plant. They are sweet and edible as a snack. However, there is a question mark on whether CBD gummies are as effective as CBD oil.

Many studies reveal that CBD oil sprayed under the tongue is more effective than CBD gummies. This is because in the process of digestion CBD gets broken into other components by the liver. However, CBD gummies are a better option for kids because they may not be able to tolerate the typical taste of CBD oil.

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College Students Views on Marijuana Unchanged Post-Legalization, States Study

According to a newly released study young adult college students who live in states where marijuana has been legalized possess similar attitudes toward cannabis as do those residing in a jurisdiction where cannabis use remains illegal. This is according to a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health and titled Effects of recreational marijuana legalization on college students: A longitudinal study of attitudes, intentions, and use behaviors.

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What Is Drip Vaping & How To Do It?

The vape subculture is massive. It has many people doing quite a lot of different things to enhance and personalize their vaping experience. One of the most popular things to do when vaping is to drip vape – but that begs the question: “What exactly is drip vaping?”

To answer this question, we’ll dedicate this article to exploring drip vaping. Below, we’re going to cover the ins and outs of drip vaping, how you can do it, and what you can expect from it.

What is Drip Vaping?

Drip Vaping

Drip vaping is the process of dripping vape juice directly on the vape coil using an RDA. RDA stands for a rebuildable dripping atomizer. In RDA vaping, you build and install your vape coil, or use a custom one, from a wide selection of wires.

When building your wire, you’ll want to pay attention to the wire material, wire gauge, and the build of the coil. If you’ve done everything correctly, you can drip e-liquid on your coil and inhale the aerosol.

That is a trendy thing with people who vape for flavor, instead of their nicotine hit. Drip vaping is far slower than using closed systems, thus providing the same amount of vapor in a longer timeframe.

Dripping itself isn’t an easy thing to master. It takes a specific technique, but it does come with some significant benefits, which we will discuss later.

While drip vaping is more prevalent in the vape modding community, it’s one of the simpler things you can do to enhance your vaping experience – and that’s why people are eager to try it out.

Why Do People Drip Vape?

People drip vape for numerous reasons. It’s a popular way to add something new to your traditional vaping experience, and it comes with some key benefits.

While it does take some practice, it is well worth the effort, as drip vaping:

  • Provides a different kind of flavor;
  • Allows for a more personalized experience;
  • Gives far less dissipation when compared to closed system vaping;
  • Provides flavor switching capabilities with each drip;
  • Annuls the chance of burning bitter vape hits;
  • Allows for a completely different taste experience;

It’s easy to understand why people are eager to try drip vaping. It is a wholly transformative experience and breathes new life into vaping.

How Can You Drip Vape

As stated above, drip vaping requires some technique. You’re going to need to remove the drip tip and use your vape juice drip tank to drip a couple of drops directly on the heated coil. Make sure to use the good stuff, as premium-quality vape juices feel so good on your taste buds.

After doing so, put back the tip and inhale the aerosol. After the juice is gone, repeat the process.

Sounds relatively simple, right? Well, not so much. You’ll have to ensure that your vape coil can stand the heat, so you’ll have to go with stainless steel or titanium.

Another common mistake people make with drip vaping is forgetting to put back the drip tip. That might make you put your lips against the hot coils, which can lead to severe burns. Aside from this mistake, people tend to over drip on their coil, which can lead to runoff of hot vape liquid.

When starting, use vape juice with high VG content instead of PG. Vegetable Glycerin is far thicker than Propylene Glycol, which limits the amount of runoff liquid.

Below, we’re going to cover some conventional equipment and etiquette used and practiced when drip vaping.

The Equipment For Drip Vaping

When you’re drip vaping, you’re not going to need some additional equipment. The things you will need are:

  • A good drip atomizer vape pen
  • A selection of flavored VG vape juice
  • Durable coil suitable for dry heating

Aside from the materials, you’ll need some patience and caution. Drip vaping can be dangerous, as hot liquid runoff and the very hot coil can cause injuries. If you’re thinking of getting into drip vaping, getting a drip vape pen might not be a bad idea.

Drip Vaping Etiquette

There are some things you need to pay attention to when you decide to drip vape, such as:

  • Don’t over drip on your coil;
  • Don’t under drip on your coil;
  • Always use a high-end coil;
  • Use a high-quality drip tip;
  • Practice your dripping technique.

As long as you keep these simple things in mind, we can guarantee you will have a pleasant drip vaping experience.

Final Thoughts

While drip vaping might be a transformative way to vape – it’s not for everyone. If you’re vaping for nicotine, drip vaping might not be for you, as it’s far slower to traditional tank vaping.

If you want to get into drip vaping, make sure you’re using a great pen and coil combo, and don’t rush it. Practise makes perfect – so give your technique some time to develop!

Legal Marijuana Sales Have Record-Breaking Surge, Finds Report

According to a new report by the research firm New Frontier Data, the legal retail sales of marijuana and marijuana products in the United States reached all-time highs during the months of April and May.

According to the report which covered 24 legal recreational or medical marijuana programs, “Average consumer monthly spending rose to record highs in April and May, reaching $290 and $296, respectively.”

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Mike Tyson To Produce 3D-Printed Cannabis Cups

Fans of Mike Tyson have had to bide their time for the next eccentricity. But his latest announcement might have been worth the wait. In an interview with Forbes earlier this month, the former heavyweight boxer announced that his company is developing a 3D printed “smart cup” that contains edible (or rather sippable) cannabis.

The details of Tyson’s plans are intriguing on their own, but are also an encouraging sign of maturity for the edible cannabis industry. For years, innovation in this space has been hampered by the FDA’s policies on cannabis products, and the resulting lack of investment. Now, it seems, major investors are recognizing the health benefits of marijuana, and the opportunities that the edibles market presents.


The safest way to see Mike Tyson up close, Madam Tussaud

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3 Ways to Boost the Health of Your Pets Using CBD Oil

We all share a beautiful human-animal bond with our pets. These furry, four-legged friends fill our soul with love and joy. That is why it can get disheartening when your pet becomes sick. Watching them suffer all the pain can be sad and depressing.

Thankfully, today there are a plethora of ways in which you can support your pet’s health and keep them fit. One such method is using CBD oil.

Recent research on CBD for pets, such as dogs, cats, and even horses, have indicated therapeutic health effects. It has demonstrated promising results for alleviating several conditions in pets, including chronic pain, anxiety, digestive disorders, arthritis, seizures, and mood issues.

In this post, we will look at how CBD oil from holistapet can boost your pet’s health, helping him live longer and healthier.

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Nurses are Instrumental in Pushing for Legislative Changes in Healthcare

Nurses are one of the most influential groups in the country when it comes to legislative changes in healthcare. They are, after all, the ones on the front lines of healthcare. They are the ones that see how the patients take to medication and treatment plans, and are the ones that deal directly with those in pain. Their expertise goes beyond just a medical opinion. They know what is best for the patient because they have seen and experienced it first-hand.

All too often the opinion of the patient is pushed aside because they do not have the medical experience of doctors, but nurses are entirely different. They can advocate for their patients because they have seen how certain treatments, care plans, and legislative policies impact people on the grand scale.

APRNs in particular have a lot of say about patient health and care, and combined their voices see huge shifts in legislative changes for all areas of medicine, from marijuana laws, to treatment plans, and even in how hospitals are run.

Nurses are instrumental to policy change, but to truly push forward the nursing industry must take some important steps.

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In Ridiculous Move, Navy Bans Use of Hemp Shampoo

Despite hemp being legal across the United States, recreational marijuana legal in nearly a dozen and medical marijuana legal in over 30, the Navy is expanding its CBD and hemp ban for its members to cover hemp-based shampoos and soaps, even those that are sold legally in all 50 states. This is according to a report by Marijuana Moment. The announcement of the hemp shampoo ban was made four days after the House of Representatives approved an amendment that would allow all military members to use hemp and CBD products.

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U.S. House Approves Allowing Military Members to Use CBD

The United States House of Representatives approved an amendment to a defense spending bill on Monday that would allow members of the military to use CBD, according to a report from High Times. The amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was introduced by Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D), who was a presidential candidate for the Democrat party earlier this year. The amendment was approved by a vote of 360 to 71.

“The Secretary of Defense may not prohibit, on the basis of a product containing hemp or any ingredient derived from hemp, the possession, use, or consumption of such product by a member of the Armed Forces,” states the amendment.

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