New Study: Cannabinoids Can Kill Gastric Cancers Cells

A new study published in the journal Chemotherapy has found that cannabinoid receptor activation – something done naturally by cannabis and cannabinoidssaved15 – can lead to the death of gastric cancer cells.

For the study, researchers at the Catholic University of Korea’s Department of Internal Medicine studied the effects of a cannabinoid receptor agonist (which cannabis is) on mice injected with gastric cancer cells.

It was found that, after 14 days, “Tumor volume decreased by 30% in the WIN 55,212-2 [a cannabinoid receptor agonist] -treated group.. Apoptotic [self-destructed] cells were found more commonly in the WIN 55,212-2 treatment group than in the control on immunohistochemistry.”

Researchers conclude that activation of cannabinoid receptors has “antineoplastic effect [the ability to kill cancer cells] on the gastric cancers in in vivo model.”

The full study can be found on the website for the U.S. Library of Medicine by clicking here.


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