In Less Than 2 Weeks Legal Recreational Cannabis Sales Will Begin in Colorado

Beginning January 1st in Colorado, recreational cannabis sales will become legal for those licensed with the state, with anyone 21 and older able to purchase itplant. Although many of those who plan to sale recreational cannabis won’t be ready come the new year, dozens of locations will be, and Colorado will take the historic step of launching their new cannabis market.

Denver Relief, a medical cannabis dispensary in Denver, is one location that plans to begin recreational sales on January 1st. “I think that it’s a very good possibility”, says Denver Relief owner Ean Seeb, speaking on the possibility of lines being around the block on opening day. “It’s the first time in the history of the United States that somebody can walk into a facility, over the age of 21, and put down some money and get some cannabis in exchange for it.”

Although numerous municipalities are planning to allow recreational cannabis sales, over 70 localities have put a ban or moratorium on the new market, making it vital that constituents continue to urge their local lawmakers to support allowing access to cannabis, just as voters intended through the unequivocal passage of Amendment 64.


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