Minnesota Lawmakers to Consider Legalizing Medical Marijuana, Bipartisan Bill Being Filed

Tomorrow, May 2nd, legislation will be officially introduced in Minnesota which will legalize medical marijuana, allowing qualified patients to use and possess marijuana, as well as purchase it from state-licensed safe acropped-mncheaderwinter.fw_ccess points. The bill is planned to be sponsored by a bipartisan coalition of at least 40 state lawmakers, include 5 State Senators.

“People suffering from diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis should be able to access medical marijuana safely and use it without fear of being arrested,” stated Heather Azzi, Political Director of Minnesotans for Compassionate Care in a press release. She continues, “Nearly two-thirds of Minnesota voters agree it is time to adopt legislation that allows seriously ill people to use medical marijuana if their doctors believe it will help treat their conditions and ease their suffering”.

The measure’s primary sponsor is Representative Carly Melin, with Senator Scott Dibble filing companion legislation in the Senate.


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