Michigan Panel Votes to Allow Medical Cannabis for Autism

autismThe Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel voted 4 to 2 today to add autism as a condition that qualifies an individual to become a medical cannabis patient.

The panel’s recommendation now heads to Mike Zimmer, Director of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, who has final say over whether or not autism is added as a medical cannabis condition. If Zimmer approves the recommendation, Michigan would be the first state in the nation to allow medical cannabis for autism.

“The parents I’ve talked to are passionate and adamant that this represents a dramatic improvement in the quality of life for them and their affected children,” said David Crocker, a physician who’s a member of the panel.

Since Michigan voters legalized medical cannabis in 2008 for a limited number of conditions, only post-traumatic stress disorder has been added to the list.


3 thoughts on “Michigan Panel Votes to Allow Medical Cannabis for Autism”

  1. I am autistic, have ADHD, PTSD and last but definitely NOT least Borderline Personality Disorder. The pain I live with in my body brought me to realize through therapy that the mind I live with, the hell, the thoughts of self demoralizing alienating negativity….younger, I “snuck smoking” because “it felt like I spread out and wasn’t tied up in a tight painful knot too scared to loosen up in front of other people. Horrified in fact. Just okay, dealing with thoughts as they come and can concentrate on what matters…being happy and treating myself and others with respect. Quality of life. THAT is what it’s ALL about. I had NO quality of life hiding from other people, from life, even from myself. My ART. Everything just stopped. In good balance, my pain, my thinking…along with my doctors help and knowledge of everything I’m doing…hence my LIFE becomes better all around because I can go back to enjoying and adventuring instead of just surviving it in pain, humiliation and loneliness.


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