Wyoming Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis Receives Approval from State

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Wyoming Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis Receives Approval from State

voteAn initiative to legalize medical cannabis use in Wyoming has received approval from Secretary of State Ed Murray.

The Peggy A. Kelley Wyoming Cannabis Act of 2016, put forth by Wyoming NORML, was certified by the state on Friday, meaning there’s only one more step – the Secretary of State preparing a fiscal statement and summary of the measure – before advocates can begin collecting signatures in an attempt to place the initiative on next year’s November ballot.

“The Secretary of State must remain neutral on the merits of the issue presented by the applicant,” Secretary of State Ed Murray said in a Friday press release. “Our office reviewed the application and proposed bill submitted by the committee of applicants and determined that it meets the requirements of the law.”

Once the measure receives a fiscal and summary statement, proponents must collect 25,673 valid signatures from registered voters before February 8, 2016 for the proposal to be put to a vote during the presidential election ballot. Signatures must come from 15% or more of voters in at least 16 of the state’s 23 counties.

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Under the proposed law, those with a qualifying medical condition who receive a recommendation from a physician would be authorized to possess up to three ounces of cannabis, and to cultivate up to six plants (three of which can be mature). Cannabis dispensaries will also be legalized.

Qualifying conditions include glaucoma, hepatitis C, Crohn’s disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, amytrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), sickle-cell anemia, Alzheimer’s disease, severe pain or nausea, cachexia/wasting syndrome, ulcerative colitis, dementia, post-traumatic stress disorder and seizure disorders.

According to polling release in December by the University of Wyoming, 72% of Wyoming voters support legalizing medical cannabis.


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  • Paula Zanett
    January 5, 2016

    I would like to have my signature added to having marijuana legalized for medicinal purposes.

    Paula Zanetti

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