New Poll Finds 67% of British Columbia Residents Support Legalizing Cannabis

bcbudA new poll released by Insights West has found that a strong majority of those in British Columbia support legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes.

According to the survey, 67% of B.C. residents favor legalizing and taxing cannabis, with just 28% opposed. Of those opposed to legalization, just 14% “strongly oppose” it, while 36% “strong support” the idea.

Majority support was found among all age groups, with those aged 18 to 34 having the highest level of support at 72%, with just 20% opposed.

In regards to medical cannabis, 78% of respondents say that cannabis has true medical benefits, and the same percentage believe that dispensaries are the proper way of distributing the medicine. Only 7% of those in British Columbia believe cannabis should be illegal for all purposes.

The full poll can be found by clicking here.


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  1. Vancouver’s (BC’s) Mayor Gregor Robertson, pushed back at Ottawa when they demanded he close his cities un-regulated medical marijuana dispensaries. Ottawa blinked first. Rather than cave and cower to the fed’s, the Vancouver Mayor stood up for Vancouver medical marijuana patients. Bravo !!!


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