New Mexico Advisory Board Votes in Favor of Adding 6 New Medical Cannabis Conditions

New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board (MCAB) has voted in favor of recommending 6 new conditions be added to the state’s medical cannabis program.

The MCAB’s recommendations will now be sent to the New Mexico Department of Health, which has final say over whether or not the conditions are actually added to the medical cannabis program.

Below are the conditions that the MCAB voted in favor of (along with the vote):

  • Anxiety (3 to 1)
  • Depression (4 to 0)
  • Dystonia (4 to 0)

  • Migraines (4 to 0)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (4 to 0)
  • Sleep disorders (4 to 0)

The MCAB also voted unanimously to increase the possession limit for patients to 16 ounces, to remove the max THC content and to allow patient run collectives.

Unfortunately the board voted against adding diabetes to the medical cannabis program, and tabled the vote on whether to add substance abuse disorder.

The petitions to add all of the above conditions were filed by the LECUA Patients Coalition of New Mexico.

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