Louisiana Marijuana Possession Laws

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Louisiana Marijuana Possession Laws

louisiana marijuana possession lawsLouisiana Marijuana Possession Laws:


14g or less (first offense) Charge: Not Classified Incarceration: 15 days Fine: $300
More than 14g – less than 2.5lbs (first offense) Charge: Not Classified Incarceration: 6 months Fine: $500
2.5 – less than 60lbs Charge: Not Classified Incarceration: 2* – 10 years Fine: $30,000
60 – less than 2000lbs Charge: Felony Incarceration: 5* – 30 years Fine: $100,000
2000 – less than 10,000lbs Charge: Felony Incarceration: 10* – 40 years Fine: $400,000
10,000lbs or more Charge: Felony Incarceration: 25* – 40 years Fine: $1,000,000


For further information on Louisiana marijuana laws – including penalties for distribution and cultivation – click here (take note that the distribution laws are incredibly harsh, including a 5 year mandatory minimum for the distribution of any amount). For recent updates to Louisiana’s marijuana possession laws and other Louisiana-related stories, click here.

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