Here are All 9 Statewide Cannabis Initiatives Up for a Vote this November

Cannabis Legalization InitiativesAs you’ve probably heard by now, there are nine cannabis legalization initiatives up for a vote this November; five that would legalize cannabis for all uses – for those 21 and older – and four that would legalize cannabis for medical purposes. Below is a link to the full text of these initiative’s, for those wanting to know the full details of each proposal.

Recreational Cannabis Initiatives:

    • Nevada: For the full text of Question 2 click here.
    • California: For the full text of Proposition 64 click here.
    • Maine: For the full text of Question 1, click here.
    • Massachusetts: For the full text of Question 4, click here.
    • Arizona: For the full text of Proposition 205, click here.


Medical Cannabis Initiatives:

  • Florida: For the full text of Amendment 2, click here.
  • Oklahoma: For the full text of State Question 788, click here.
  • Arkansas: For the full text of the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act, click here.
  • North Dakota: For the full text of the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act, click here.


    • Danielle on October 6, 2016 at 8:28 pm
    • Reply

    You forgot us, Yes on I-182 in Montana. Medical marijuana

  1. Prop. 64 in CA is just a bait and switch scheme, meant to look like legalization because it says legalization in the title. It actually takes away rights that medical patients currently have, creates new infractions and misdemeanors, cuts in half the number of plants you can legally grow, and takes away the right to grow them outdoors completely. This puts an unreasonable burden on sick and mostly poor patients who must them invest in expensive lighting systems and electrical bills they cannot afford. You can grow a year’s supply of medical marijuana for very little input, with the sun. Without the sun, it makes it a big-money game, not a poor farmer’s or patient’s labor of love. We can literally heal the planet with hemp right now if it was really legalized, not just a billionaires grab of the lucrative weed market now emerging for folks like Phillipp Morris and other horrid corporations. Vote NO on 64.

    • Robert Oestreicher on September 9, 2016 at 12:26 pm
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    I live in Wisconsin is there any way I can get medical cannabis, such as a near by state etc; without being busted, or at least with minimal risk ?

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