70% in Canada Support Legalizing or Decriminalizing Cannabis, According to Government Funded Poll

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70% in Canada Support Legalizing or Decriminalizing Cannabis, According to Government Funded Poll

A newly released poll conducted for Canada’s Department of Justice has found that a strong majority of Canadians favor either thecanadaflagcannabis decriminalization or full legalization of cannabis, with less than 14% of respondents being in support of the status quo.

The survey, which included 3,000 participnants, was conducted by Ipsos-Reid, and commissioned by the nation’s Department of Justice; the poll cost around $175,000.

According to The Star, which obtained the poll early, Conservatives have been holding on to the results for months without releasing them to the public, though they apparently plan to do so at the end of this month.

The poll found that 37.3% favor legalizing cannabis, with an additional 33.4% favoring the decriminalization of cannabis. 13.7% say they support cannabis laws the way they are, and just 12% support harsher penalties for cannabis possession.

Surveyors did find that there was some confusion surrounding the current law, and the differences between decriminalization and legalization.

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“There was a great deal of confusion about whether the possession of small amounts of marijuana is a crime, a ticketable offence, or completely legal,” claims the report. “Participants often used the two terms ‘legalization’ and ‘decriminalization’ interchangeably and did not demonstrate a clear understanding of the distinction between the two.”

Regardless of the confusion, the poll makes one thing clear; Canadians are fed up with current cannabis policies, and want a change in the law.



  • Patrick
    July 27, 2014

    Oh what the Hell, let’s all get HIGH!;)

  • Ras Ible
    July 27, 2014

    Now the US government needs to admit the War is over and play catch up with Canada.

  • Rick Elvers
    July 27, 2014

    you guys in government need to be up front with your people and not hold on to your so called information. !!! because it can bite you in the ass witch it does only you don’t see it that way and that’s where it’s bad.!!! your running surveys on your people and not giving out the information on it is wrong. don’t hide it , it will come back and bite you in the ass as it always does and then you wonder why people get fed up with your government how stupid can you people get . there’s the lot of you out there that don’t get it and never will.!!!!

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