Top 5 Best Portable Dab Rigs Right Now

By the term “dabbing” we refer to a way of consuming marijuana which consists of a dab (a highly concentrated blend). Dabbing turned out to be quite popular given that it consists of a high concentration of THC, unlike regular marijuana. Perhaps the best possible way to enjoy your preferred dabs will be to make use of portable dab rigs out there. It will provide you with the genuine power that makes dabbing so renowned within a portable package which is appropriate to be used while you are traveling.

Every single top-quality dab rigs consist of a robust battery base along with the e-mail itself which have been manufactured to offer you the maximum raw power that one can handle. In case you are all set to get your dab on, all these powerful devices mentioned below will provide you with everything that you require to get started.

Here are the top 5 best portable dab rigs on the market right now.

1. Dr. Dabber Boost

This astounding product is meant for the beginners in particular who are just beginning to get started with dabbing. Although dabbing could be extremely complex, the Boost helps to make it accessible for the newbies as well as the experienced dabbers out there. The product will provide you with a fast heat-up time (zero to 800F within only 30 seconds), as many as 60 uses on just 1 charge as well as an innovative glass water purification attachment.


Who will benefit from the product?

Those who prefer dabbing with a water filtration attachment will find Dr. Dabber Boost to be appropriate. The dab’s intensity is balanced out by the smooth vapor thus providing you with top-quality vapor out there.

This cutting-edge dab rig is one of the most sensible choices in case you do value the reputation of a brand. As the name implies, this device is known to create top-quality devices intended for vaping concentrates for a considerable period of time. Right now, it can be safely asserted that the company has comprehensively learned the art of dabbing. While you get hold of any product from this company you will be assured of the fact that it has been manufactured by an organization which can boast of having scrupulous and experienced dabbers that understand the needs of their clients.

2. Vivant Incendio

Next in this list of the best portable dab rigs on the market comes the Vivant Incendio which enables you to vaporize the dry herbs. However, it features the innovative use of water filtration that helps the device to stay ahead in the competition. There is no need to look further in case you want to experience the genuine power of dag rigs in combination with the efficiency of a water-filtered vape.

It will be extremely easy for you to load the tank of the device up with the dry herbs or even throw a dab on. It is likewise very simple if you would like to preload it for use while you are traveling. In fact, everything regarding this product is user-friendly and also simple-to-use. There is no need to look at the instruction guidelines over and over again so as to operate this device particularly in case you do have dabbing experience before.

Who will benefit from the product?

This amazing Vivant Incendio is intended for any dabber who likes to enjoy the water filtration’s smoothness without spending any power at all. Moreover, if you would like to vape dry herbs this machine will not disappoint you at all. It will be ideal for you in case you are searching for something that is easy to install plus use as well.

3. Dabado Bolt Pro

This revolutionary dab rig happens to be a significant upgrade of the original version where some additional features have been added including a robust 18650 battery as well as innovative extra-large nails which are helpful in manufacturing large clouds and also adding flavor with an optimum temperature of 980 F.

You will come across as many as 3 nails which have been featured in this particular rig (Titanium, Quartz, and Ceramic) and there is likewise an option of switching between a cloud chaser mode at high temperature and a flavor mode at low temperature.

The company is known to produce some great rigs in the recent past, and this Dabado Bolt Pro is no exception to this.

4. Sutra DBR

This product happens to be the most recent eRig manufactured by Sutra Vape which has the reputation of making some of the best wax vape pens over the years. The company has exploited its experience of wax vaping for producing this fantastic rig which will offer you astounding performance plus a gorgeous appearance too.

In case you prefer accurate temperature control, you will simply adore this product given that it will enable you to adjust the temperature precisely with an increment of 10 degrees F. This huge range of temperature will go from a minimum of 300F to as much as 800F.

Another notable feature offered by the DBR is the fact that it comes with a silicon carbide nail apart from the regular ceramic, titanium, as well as quartz nails. The product is appropriate for you in case you would like to experiment with various types of nails out there.

5. Atmos Q3

The Q3 cannot be regarded as an e-mail in the strictest of terms. However, its uncomplicated design makes it easy for us to consider it as a dab rig. Being a symbol of elegance, this rig is ideal for the newbies in particular. Although it does function as an e-mail, the rig does not come with any temperature control as well as water filtration feature that can result in a rather flavorless experience in the long run.

In spite of this drawback, the Q3 will offer you better performance as compared to the vape pen and it will also be easier to maintain the rig unlike the larger dab rigs on the market.

The product includes a triple rod quartz nail along with a 0.3 gr. nail capacity. The battery life is going to perform between a 3 to 6 session, and the company also provides a lucrative warranty of 5 years.

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