Hemp Bombs Review

CBD oils and products are all the rage today. People have finally begun to appreciate all the benefits they have to offer, not only to the body but the mind as well.

This might explain why so many companies are moving into the CBD business. They think they have discovered a quick way to make money, and most have succeeded in duping consumers with untested, inferior quality CBD products.

It is for that reason that the Hemp Bombs Company has worked so hard to garner a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy provider of various CBD products.

The Company

Many Hemp Bombs reviews are quick to note that the company only started in 2016. People tend to put a lot of value in experience and longevity. But it hasn’t taken the firm long to establish its dominance in the field.

The key to Hemp Bombs’ growth can be attributed to the fact that they are so passionate about CBD. Josh Kennedy, the marketing director, has reiterated, on numerous occasions, the fact that Hemp Bombs exists to spread the health benefits of CBD.

As far as they are concerned, everyone stands to see a marked improvement in their lives if only they would give CBD a chance. However, so many people have been scammed by unscrupulous CBD vendors that they have developed a suspicious attitude towards every new brand in the business they encounter.

For that reason, Hemp Bombs works hard to maintain the highest possible production standards, using the strictest quality control mechanisms to weed the duds out from the gems.

The Products

This firm is relatively new and yet, as most Hemp Bombs reviews will tell you, that hasn’t stopped them from accumulating a rich catalog of CBD products, with the most prominent including:

1) CBD Gummies


Hemp Bombs gummies are the company’s most popular products. People love them because they are so portable and easy to utilize daily, in every single situation. The fact that they taste so great is an added bonus.

2) CBD Capsules

Some people love CBD oil. But if you do not find the taste particularly appealing, then you can always purchase Hemp Bombs’ CBD capsules. Not only are they easier to utilize for some people, but they will allow you to enjoy every benefit that CBD oil users experience.

3) CBD Oil

This is one of the company’s biggest draws. You can technically find CBD oil in any number of places. But the variety Hemp Bombs provides is the most potent you will ever encounter, perfect for combating anxiety, insomnia, pain and the like.

The oil is available in watermelon and peppermint flavors. You also have the option of choosing between five potencies depending on your need.

4) Vaping Products

Hemp Bombs sells vape tanks in three different types, strengths, and concentrations. In other words, you can trust that, regardless of your preferences and experience levels, they have you covered.

They also offer CBD vape juice that can be applied to a vaporizer and e-liquid additive that can be used in tandem with a vape juice of your choice. The pre-filled tanks are merely the icing on the cake.

5) Shot

The CBD Chill Shot deserves far more attention than it gets. At the very least, people looking to improve the quality of their sleep in the face of obstacles like anxiety, stress, and pain will appreciate it.

You can get it in a pleasant fruity flavor.

6) CBD Cream/Pain Freeze

Hemp Bombs designed this product to help relieve joint pain and sore muscles. You are supposed to rub it directly into the ailing section of your body. It delivers quick results because you don’t have to ingest it.

Any supplement that must be ingested requires time to undergo digestion before it can deliver the promised benefits. Hemp Bombs’ pain freeze cream is supposed to work against the likes of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.

But you are also free to deploy it against more uncomplicated ailments like sunburns.

7) CBD Syrup

Like most of the company’s other products, the CBD syrup is designed to relieve chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. You can either take it in its original form or mix the syrup in water.


What They Do Right?

This firm attracts so many glowing Hemp Bombs reviews because its positive attributes often outweigh any failings it might possess, this including:

1). Hemp Bombs makes its products using raw hemp ingredients sourced from Europe. All the organic farms with whom they partner are forced to adhere to the strictest regulations because their produce is classified as Scandinavian Hemp.

For that reason, the company’s customers can take comfort in the fact that every Hemp Bombs product they consume is made using the cleanest, purest organic ingredients.

2). Even though the CBD market is saturated with fraudulent dispensaries, Hemp Bombs has succeeded in building a solid reputation because it spends a lot of time engaging its consumers.

They have a strong presence on social media and the internet at large, going to great lengths to present their product line as a long-term investment rather than a one-time purchase.

Hemp Bombs is always showing its loyal customer base that it cares. They are still open to questions, and they will not hesitate to provide guidance on the best way to use their products.

3). Hemp Bombs’ products are some of the most potent on the market, crafted using 99 percent CBD isolate. That means every single bag or bottle is packed with as much active ingredient as any CBD item could possibly possess.

What They Do Wrong?

Hemp Bombs is usually lauded for using 99 percent pure CBD isolate. However, only a select number of people are biologically engineered to benefit optimally from the work of isolates.

Most people are better off experimenting with products that use full spectrum extracts. If you are not compatible with isolates, then Hemp Bombs’ product line might not work as promised.


Hemp Bombs seems to grow more popular with each passing year, and they definitely deserve the attention. They have a great line of products available in a diverse collection of flavors.

They even sell CBD for pets. The fact that their products are made from isolates is especially beneficial for people who live in non-legalized places.

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