Pennsylvania Senate Committee Unanimously Passes Proposal to Legalize Medical Cannabis

With a unanimous vote Pennsylvania’s Senate Law and Justice Committee has passed Senate Bill 1182, a proposal to legalize medical cannabis. Tmedcannabishe proposal now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee where it’s passage will set it up for a full senate vote.

Under the proposed law, the possession and use of medical cannabis will he legal for those who receive a recommendation from a physician and a registration card from the state’s Department of Health. Qualifying conditions include cancer, glaucoma and chronic pain. Dispensaries will be authorized as a means of providing patients safe access to their medicine.

Unfortunately the bill doesn’t allow for cannabis to be smoked, but it does allow for it to he vaporized and consumed through tinctures, oils and edibles.

Governor Tom Corbett has threatened to veto any proposal legalizing cannabis, even for medical purposes. However, Senator Daylin Leah anticipates the Senate approving the bill with a 45 to 5 vote, and it passing the House by similar margins, which would he enough to override a veto.

According to polling released earlier this year, 85 percent of Pennsylvania voters favor the legalization of medical cannabis.


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