Lawmakers in Key West, Florida Unanimously Approve Cannabis Decriminalization Measure

An aerial view of Key West, Florida.
An aerial view of Key West, Florida.

The Key West, Florida City Commission has voted unanimously to approve an ordinance that would establish an $100 ticket for the possession of up to 20 grams of cannabis. Similar proposals were approved recently in Miami-Dade, Florida’s largest county, and in Miami Beach.

Under the proposed ordinance, which will be given one final vote on September 1st before becoming law, police will have the option of issuing a $100 fine to those caught possessing no more than 20 grams of cannabis, rather than arresting and prosecuting them. Under current law, the possession of up to 20 grams of cannabis is a guaranteed misdemeanor which can result in a year-long prison sentence.

The proposal is expected to save the city tens of thousands of dollars in reduced enforcement costs.

With a population of just over 25,000, Key West is Florida’s southernmost point.


10 thoughts on “Lawmakers in Key West, Florida Unanimously Approve Cannabis Decriminalization Measure”

  1. they need to find a better word than DECRIMINALIZED for when cops can still harass you.. still violate your 4th amendment.. still seize your assets.. all while STILL denying us access to cannabis..

    because until cannabis IS LEGAL we are all still criminals.. the FACT that they are trying to find the LEAST IMPACTIVE PENALTY proves they do NOT have our best interest in mind.

  2. They should pass that law in all of Florida.. Prison is for rapeist,robbery, violent people etc…not for little bit of weed,or driving on a suspended license,..

  3. I had hoped that they would have passed the medical use of weed as I am disabled with numerous physical ailments requiring strong medications just to do ADL’s. I am tired and rarely sleep, 1-2 hrs nite! It would be great to have some on hand for sleep issues as well as potential weaning off other meds. I have seriously thought of moving to Colorado. If it is possible to keep if caught(key word IF) I would be moving to Key West asap. I am currently in panhandle area.

  4. cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet. food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. any law against it is a crime against humanity

  5. That’s good news. A few years ago they were shutting down head shops and trying to move away from the cannabis scene/mantra.

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