How Cannabis Is Fueling The Next Era Of Medical Revolution

How Cannabis Is Fueling The Next Era Of Medical Revolution

The cannabis industry continues to grow with each passing day. The fact that many states and nations are passing favorable laws drives this industry’s growth even faster. More people are accepting that cannabis is not all bad, as was purported before. Many are realizing that extracts from cannabis such as CBD come with numerous gains that are worth exploring. As such, the acceptance rate continues to grow, especially in the medical world.


As more people seek alternative medicine when conventional medicine fails to deliver the expected result or take too long, CBD has come to light as one of the potential solutions to try. There are numerous ways that cannabis continues to create a revolution. Some of these are captured below.


1.  Pain Management


Delta Extrax

For a long time, Sativa Weed did not have the best outlook. Many believe that it was a heavy drug, just like many others in a similar category. The adverse effects and psychotic side Effects of delta-8-THC witnessed in those who used it did not clarify any doubt. However, over time, many studies and research have come into action stating that cannabis is an excellent medicinal plant when appropriately used.


One of the areas that its extracts work perfectly is in the sector of pain management. Doctors and physicians are coming on board and even recommending CBD to manage certain types of pain. While this does not necessarily mean ditching conventional medicine, CBD and other cannabis extracts work as excellent complementary treatment options. Patients are often advised to monitor their responses and start with smaller dosages as they adjust to levels that work for them. The fact that not much research is available in this area, there is a need to be cautious about people’s moves.


An example of common types of pain that CBD works on is chronic pain. Different conditions may leave patients struggling with chronic pain. Unfortunately, it is so diverse that it can be a challenge to eliminate. Causes of such pain can range from cancer to arthritis.


The pain can be so much that it becomes life-grounding. Patients like these will go to any length to find solutions that work for them, even when trying CBD solutions. Whether they take capsules, use tinctures, prefer edibles, or even vape, the pain’s effect is always guaranteed. The changes may take a while to show, but in the end, CBD can help users get the relief they need. While the FDA warns against marketing CBD as a food or drug product, its usage in individual states is approved.


Based on testimonials, there have been positive results on chronic pain management. Chronic pain management can be difficult, primarily when the cause is not understood. Even so, it helps to talk to your doctor before choosing to use CBD in your management program lest you cause more harm than gain.


2.  Cancer Management


Cancer is one of the biggest scourges of current medical times. Besides making patients endure pain and go through procedures that wear down their bodies and weaken their immune systems, the effects can also affect those related to them. CBD is said to help with the treatment of cancer in several ways. Research showed that it could increase cancer-treating medicine’s potency, which is a good thing, especially if the tumor treatment starts early. The chances of recovery are often high when all efforts happen during the early stages of cancer.


Besides, other promising studies also exist. For instance, a 2019 review showed promising CBD results to reduce cancerous pancreatic tumors’ growth. In a different but related study, CBD happens to trigger death in harmful glioblastoma cells and make them more receptive to radiation without harming the good cells. To further back up this advancement is a different study that revealed how the long-term use of cannabis could reduce bladder cancer occurring in both women and men.


Breast cancer studies held in 2010 also showed positive results as CBD showed potentials to reduce cancer cells’ invasion and proliferation.  With such potential advancement in the cancer treatment sectors, it is evident that CBD is a significant player in the cancer treatment sector. With more studies to ascertain efficacy and sustainability, this will be something to watch out for in the future.


3.  Treatment of Seizures



Conditions such as epilepsy and other seizure illness have been a significant issue in the medical field. Fortunately, there have been advancements in this sector, with the FDA approving the use of a cannabinoid drug by the name Epidiolex to help treat two types of epileptic syndromes known as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. This is an excellent move since it offers a possible treatment solution for kids with epilepsy.


4.  Mental Health


The benefits of CBD for mental health are numerous. It works for some of the most common mental issues, including anxiety, depression, and other related mental illnesses. Besides that, it is also great to help relieve stress and help patients get over drug and substance addiction. Many studies show that CBD and cannabis extracts are excellent for mental health, whether at preventive or curative stages. Issues such as sleep disorders and PTSD are easy to fix using CBD.


Final Thoughts


No matter what motivates you to use CBD, it is an excellent health product. Besides boosting one’s immunity and overall health and wellness, it is also a tremendous curative and management substance. Talk to your physician for direction on how to use it. Consider getting yourself the right CBD product to experience the benefits.

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