Switzerland Lawmakers Unanimously Approve Marijuana Legalization Pilot Program

Switzerland’s lower house has unanimously approved a bill that would allow marijuana to be sold legally as part of a pilot program.

The program is designed to allow officials to research the impacts of allowing marijuana to be legally sold through licensed outlets. It would allow 1,000 people to purchase marijuana from government-approved and licensed establishments, which will likely be modeled after Amsterdam-style coffee shops.

“We need to research this issue so we have scientifically-valid data to base our decisions on when discussing the future of cannabis laws”, says MP Roberto Zanetti (Social Democrat). “This law would give us just that”.

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Switzerland Legalizes Cannabis Medicine

Switzerland has officially become the 23rd nation in the world to approve Sativex for use by those with multiple sclerosis; Sativexsativex is a medical spray made up entirely of cannabis-derived cannabinoids.

“This approval in Switzerland marks yet another regulatory success for Sativex, which is now approved in a total of 23 countries,” stated Justin Gover, Chief Executive Officer of GW Pharmaceuticals, the company behind the product. “We now look forward to working with our partners.. towards this launch so as to enable MS patients in Switzerland to benefit from this important new treatment.”

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Cannabis Possession Now Decriminalized in Switzerland

As of Tuesday, October 1st, the possession of up to 10 grams of cannabis is no longer a criminal offenswitzerlandmarijuanase in Switzerland. Instead, it’s an $110 ticket.

Under this new law, the ticket associated with possessing up to 10 grams of cannabis won’t result in a court appearance, nor will it go on someone’s permanent record. This is expected to free up millions of dollars by saving on the enforcement costs of over 30,000 cannabis-related cases. Advocates claim that the new law will also free up police resources to focus on more serious crimes.

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