Study: Cannabis is 114 Times Safer than Alcohol

By Bailey Rahn,

New researchmarijuana2008 published in Scientific Reports rated recreational drugs according to their toxicity, and none of us blinked an eye when we saw cannabis sitting at the very bottom of the list. But maybe a few eyebrows were raised when the report awarded alcohol 1st place in the contest of “Who Can Wreak the Most Havoc on the Human Body?”

In fact, researchers rated cannabis 114 times less deadly than alcohol when using the margin of exposure approach, a mode of measurement that looks at a substance’s ratio of toxicological threshold and estimated human intake. Alcohol, along with heroin, tobacco, and cocaine, fell into the “high risk” category,” while ecstasy and meth were rated “medium risk.” These findings reinforce previous data that ranked recreational drugs similarly using different methods of measurement.

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