How To Get a Medical Cannabis Prescription in Canada

The process for applying for and receiving a license for medical hemp products in Canada is very streamlined and straightforward.

As the emerging market for CBD continues to expand at an explosive rate, medical cannabis prescriptions are growing at an equal pace. This leaves many people who may not be familiar with the process, as well as those who have been subject to the misinformation which is very common surrounding this subject wondering exactly what the correct steps are in order to obtain one.

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6 CBD-Infused Health Drinks You Must Try In 2020

What’s A CBD-infused Drink?

As the name suggests, a CBD-infused drink is a special beverage that contains cannabidiol (CBD) as one of the main ingredients. These drinks make it easy to add CBD into your lifestyle while helping you benefit from the compounds’ immense medicinal properties.

With the growing legalization of cannabis, it’s becoming a lot easier to find CBD-infused drinks. But that presents one significant challenge – finding safe and quality products. Well, no need to fret, as we’ve done the research for you and prepared a review of the top 6 CBD-infused health drinks that you must try in 2020.

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What You Should Know About Traveling with Weed

Now that 33 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis on some level, there are bound to be people who are or want to travel with marijuana. Consuming the weed in a legal state is always best, but sometimes you need to travel to or through a non-legal state with your cannabis for medical reasons. Other people may want to bring a few goodies home from a legalized state. Traveling with cannabis, however, is a risk.

The way you travel can change the risks. Contrary to popular belief, flying with marijuana is less risky than driving with it. Both require their own special precautions, however, and you should take care to do your best to ensure you’ve stored your cannabis properly to lessen the chances of getting caught. By choosing to travel in states where cannabis is not legal, you do so at your own risk.

You can reduce the risk by ordering from a secure website like TheAmsterdam, though some sites may not ship to states where cannabis is not legalized.

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What To Consider When Buying Pet CBD

What To Consider When Buying Pet CBD

Cannabidiol, more popularly known as CBD, is a natural substance used to help in the relief and cure of different ailments. This organic compound provides several health benefits to humans, but it may also have positive effects on pets.

However, you need to be careful when buying pet CBD products. Here are four things to consider before buying CBD for your pets:

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5 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Cbd Vape Oil


Creativity is beneficial in many ways. It gives freedom to create something beautiful and brings out authenticity by allowing you to develop original ideas and thoughts. Creativity is a significant attribute that most people look for in fields that require thinking out of the box. Moreover, creative people are usually at the lead in solving problems and are behind many inventions.

Research shows that more than one-third of college students use prescription stimulants to improve creativity and performance. What if you found out that there is an easy way to achieve this? Yes, vaping CBD oil is a natural and safe way to grow your creativity.

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The Best Cannabis Strains for Meditation



Are you into meditation? If no, then you are missing the benefits that come with it. It is amongst the most significant ways to put the mind at ease and relax.

It gives mental strength and clarity to help you focus on assignments. Meditation is a practice that improves mental awareness. It allows for better focus, particularly for a busy individual who has a lot to deal with every day. Research shows that meditation can help reduce stress, increase creativity, and boost efficiency in the working of the inner faculty.

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How CBD Gummies Can Help with Daily Stress

In the United States, stress is one of the most common mental health problems. In 2017, more than 77 percent of American citizens reported feeling stressed on a regular basis, and a third said they were living with extreme stress every day. Unfortunately, the future outlook isn’t much better, nearly half the nation said they believed their stress had increased significantly over the last five years.

stress CBD

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Alaska Credit Union Launches Program to Serve the Legal Marijuana Industry

By Lisa Bernard-Kuhn, Marijuana Business Daily

An Alaska credit union has joined the growing ranks of state-chartered financial institutions to announce plans to serve the legal cannabis industry.

Credit Union 1 – a 66-year-old, Anchorage-based business – announced Thursday it is kicking off a pilot program to provide financial services to the state’s approved marijuana-related businesses – otherwise dubbed MRBs.

“Since 2014, when marijuana was legalized in Alaska, the lack of financial services for MRBs has flooded local streets with cash, resulting in a community safety issue,” the credit union explained in a news release.

Only legally operating MRBs will be served, the credit union noted – adding that those firms’ accounts “will be under constant, comprehensive monitoring by our compliance team to ensure all aspects of their businesses stay legal.”“Credit Union 1 hopes to help relieve this is issue by providing financial services to MRBs.”

Earlier this week, Ohio-based Wright Patt Credit Union announced plans to offer limited financial services to licensed medical marijuana operators in the Buckeye State.

FDA-Approved Marijuana Medicine Now Available by Prescription

By Nick Lindsey,

The first FDA-approved, cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical drug is now for sale in the U.S.

After clearing all regulatory requirements, GW Pharmaceuticals’ CBD-based drug Epidiolex is now available in all 50 states. Although the U.S. government is now allowing this drug to be sold, the federal government still classifies actual cannabis as a Schedule I illegal substance.

Epidiolex Available by Prescription

Epidiolex is a seizure medication derived from cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. In particular, the drug is designed for patients 2-years-old and up. It is meant to treat two specific types of epilepsy: Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Now that Epidiolex has received all necessary approvals, it is essentially treated as any other pharmaceutical drug. That means that patients with a prescription will be able to buy it. And GW Pharmaceuticals expects the drug to be covered by most insurance plans.

Notably, the drug will now be available to all patients regardless if they live in a medical marijuana state.

This is not the first time Epidiolex has made headlines. In fact, the drug’s move through the regulatory process has attracted a decent amount of attention.

For starters, an advisory committee recommended Epidiolex for approval back in April. That approval came relatively quickly when the FDA approved it in June.

Then, Epidiolex cleared the last remaining roadblocks in September. That month, the U.S. Department of Justice and the DEA both gave the drug the approvals needed to move it into the market.

In particular, the law enforcement agencies classified Epidiolex a Schedule V drug. Under that classification, the product is allowable as a prescription drug.

Interestingly, while Epidiolex was given Schedule V status, actual marijuana–from which Epidiolex is derived—remains a Schedule I drug. That category is reserved for “drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”

Raising Questions in Medical Marijuana Community

For many in the medical marijuana community, Epidiolex’s relatively quick move into the market is not necessarily a thing to be celebrated. For starters, there are a lot of questions about why this pharmaceutical drug is approved as legal while actual cannabis—including THCand CBD—remains illegal.

Similarly, many have concerns over the price of the new drug. According to CNN, Epidiolex will cost $32,500 a year. And while GW Pharmaceuticals insists that price is in keeping with other anti-seizure medications, many are concerned by the high price point especially compared to regular medical marijuana.

In particular, Epidiolex has become a moment to question why marijuana—which can be grown and produced for much cheaper than an expensive pharmaceutical drug—is still illegal.

For some, the government’s willingness to approve a much more expensive pharmaceutical drug has the appearance of corporate favoritism.

And this is not the first time that there has been tension between pharmaceutical companies and the marijuana legalization movement.

Last year, Insys Therapeutics received DEA approval to develop its own synthetic marijuana drug. The part that really rubbed the medical marijuana community the wrong way is that Insys was also one of the largest single donors to a campaign to keep marijuana illegal in Arizona.

In both of these cases, there are suspicions about the seeming collusion between government agencies and “big pharma.” Simply put: the government seems much more willing to let large pharmaceutical companies like these push their marijuana-based drugs onto the market instead of simply allowing patients to access medical marijuana directly.