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Mexico to Legalize Marijuana-Based Products in Early 2018

According to health regulators in Mexico, the nation will legalize the sale of marijuana-based medicines, foods, drinks, cosmetics and other products early next year. Arturo Tornel, spokesman for health regulator Cofepris, said that the agency plans to formally publish the regulation for pot-based goods within days, allowing those items to enter the Mexico market as …

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Mexico Issues First Permit to Grow and Use Marijuana for Recreational Purposes

By The Guardian The Mexican government has granted the first permits allowing for growing and possession of marijuana for personal use. The government’s medical protection agency said the permits will apply only to the four plaintiffs who won a November supreme court ruling. The permits won’t allow smoking marijuana in the presence of children or …

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Mexico Supreme Court to Consider Legalizing Recreational Cannabis

On October 28, the Mexico Supreme Court is set to discuss a proposal that would effectively legalize the possession, use and production of cannabis for recreational purposes. According to Reuters, judges will vote on whether to declare unconstitutional parts of a federal health law prohibiting the growth and consumption of cannabis after a nonprofit group …

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