Best 10 Recipes Using CBD Oil

Best 10 Recipes Using CBD Oil

In India, cooking involving cannabis dates back to the time of 10th century. Back then, people used to drink bhang which was nothing but a mixture of milk and ground cannabis. Soon, from the Renaissance period, Italy began discovering similar recipes. However, it took time till the 20th century to make CBD oil in cooking, a widespread phenomenon. Right from lollipops to salad dressing, brownies, and chocolate bars, CBD began to be used on many popular dishes. 


Suppose you are worried about the intoxicating effect produced by cannabis. In that case, it is high time we take the initiative to educate you properly about CBD oil and its impact on cooking. Cannabis is an herb that can add more taste to your dishes and produce ample health benefits. Therefore, there is no doubt why people depend on cannabis and CBD oil for nutritional purposes. 


List of recipes to be prepared by CBD oil


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If you are a beginner in CBD oil recipes, we suggest preparing dishes in smaller batches first. Also, CBD oil is a pretty expensive component. Therefore, there’s no point wasting CBD oil. Below is a list of delicious recipes that can be prepared with CBD oil. CBD oil in these recipes has been successful enough in augmenting its taste. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the list of recipes that can be prepared with CBD oil.


1. CBD-infused Guacamole 


Are you a lover of Mexican cuisine? People ought to prefer Mexican cuisine due to its flavor-filled condiments and incredible taste. Of all the Mexican dishes, the Guacamole is a popular one. It is a dip filled with various spices that can be served for main and side dishes. The primary ingredient that goes behind preparing the Guacamole is avocado. The avocado is mashed and mixed with a few drops of CBD oil and some healthy fats. 


2. Grilled apricot, watermelon, and arugula CBD summer salad 


If you want to beat the summer heat with some excellent salads, the griller apricot, watermelon, and arugula CBD summer salad is the perfect choice for you. The secret behind preparing this recipe is to eat fresh veggies. Also, the preparation of this salad will not lock you into the kitchen for hours. It’s a quick and easy salad dish created with pure CBD powder or oil. 


3. CBD pesto pasta with spicy shrimp 


If you like seafood and pasta, you will love this CBD-infused recipe. Not only is it delicious, but also a healthy option and a refreshing dish that is a mixture of healthy unsaturated fats, complex carbohydrates, high-quality proteins, and some CBD-infused green pesto. Again, the secret behind creating a great CBD pesto pasta is to ensure the veggies, the pesto, and the pasta are fresh. For health benefits, you can cook this dish in olive oil. 


4. CBD-fragrant parmesan-flavored mashed potatoes 


Are you bored of your regular lunch and the same old dinner? Prepare the CBD-rich parmesan-flavored mashed potato to add a twist to your taste buds. Also, this dish can be a perfect option for a Thanksgiving meal. Add butter to the mashed potato and some whipping cream, garlic paste, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, and CBD oil in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly so that no hard residue remains. For presentation, smear the mashed potato with parmesan cheese and bake it. 


5. Slow cooker mozzarella-filled CBD meatballs 


When you are interested in eating some CBD-infused comfort food, the slow cooker mozzarella-filled CBD meatballs are your go-to food. The meatballs are loaded with mozzarella cheese. If you are a meat lover, this wholesome dish is sure to satisfy you. Besides being a meat lover, if you want to get some benefits from CBD oil, this meatball recipe is sure to work well. First, make the meatballs and the sauce separately. Once they are cooked, add the balls into the sauce and simmer. 


6. CBD-rich steak and veggie bowl 


If you are looking for a healthy way to have meat for dinner, this is the recipe that you should look up. The CBD-rich steak and veggies are easy to cook and are a rich source of protein. For preparing this dish, buy some rib-eye steak and cook them to your preferred doneness. Also, before you start cooking this dish, do not forget to preheat the oven to 400 degrees. 


7. CBD paleo and chocolate cookie bar 


Everybody likes devouring something sweet. So if you have a sweet tooth and want to gain CBD oil benefits, the CBD paleo and chocolate cookie bars are ideal for you. When preparing these cookies, use CBD-rich coconut oil rather than CBD oil straight away. Besides, all the ingredients used in this recipe are free from gluten, as the flour used here is also grain-free.  


8. Cookies and cream CBD cheesecake bites 


These cookie and cream CBD cheesecake bites are for you if you have a deep affection for cheesecakes. It is a genuinely tantalizing dessert with a creamy texture due to cream cheese in it. In addition, the mixture of almond milk and cookie crunch is sure to add more taste to it. 


9. Pumpkin spice latte loaf with CBD icing 


If you are a CBD user but do not like seeds and nuts, the pumpkin spice latte loaf is sure to make you drool. Even though it is a CBD-infused recipe, it is free from gluten. Besides, it uses delicious CBD-icing instead of pouring CBD oil straight into the food. 


10. CBD chocolate latte 


Sometimes, you may look for something similar to coffee. The CBD chocolate latte can help you satisfy your taste buds at times like these. It uses a raw cocoa powder with unsweetened milk and CBD oil to deliver all the CBD oil benefits that your body needs. 




Preparing CBD-infused recipes at home is fun, provided you know how to do it. However, if you want CBD to benefit your body at a slower pace, investing in CBD edibles is the best way. We hope the list of CBD-infused recipes intrigued you, and you are going to try them soon.

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