Over a Year After Amendment 64 Passes, Voters Still Support Cannabis Legalization in Colorado

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Over a Year After Amendment 64 Passes, Voters Still Support Cannabis Legalization in Colorado

A new poll released this week shows that public opinion still favors cannabis legalization in Colorado, more than a year after Amendment 64 passed.colorado-cannabis Public Policy Polling surveyed almost 1,000 Colorado voters, asking the question “In general, do you think marijuana usage should be legal or illegal?”. The results found that 53% of voters remain in favor of legalization, with just 38% opposed (9% were unsure).

The favorability of legal cannabis extended beyond gender lines, with 51% of women in support, and 55% of men – but although men polled slightly higher in support, they actually polled slightly higher in opposition as well, with 39% of men against legalization (6% unsure), versus 38% of women opposed, and 11% unsure.

Of respondents who considered themselves “Very liberal”, 76% were in favor cannabis use being legal. Of those who considered themselves “Moderate”, 55% were in favor of legalization, 33% were against, and 12% were unsure. Interestingly enough, the closest divide was amongst those who consider themselves “Somewhat conservative”; 43% were in support, 47% were opposed, and 10% remained unsure. 69% of those who considered themselves “Very conservative” were opposed.

While democrats clearly supported legalization more (71% of democrats and 32% of republicans were in favor), the same amount of democrats and republicans (8%) remain unsure. 55% of independents were in favor of making cannabis legal, with 35% against it, and 10% unsure.

The poll also concluded that voters in most age groups were generally in favor of legalization as well, finding that those age 18-45 were 64% in support, and those age 46-65 were 50% in favor, with 10% unsure. Of voters over 65, 63% were either against legalization or unsure.

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These results are promising, and offer reassurance to other states considering legalization in the near future. Another recent poll conducted in Colorado echos the same supportive sentiment, finding that, even months after Amendment 64 has taken effect, the voters of Colorado stand by their choice and still support the legalization of cannabis.

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