Wyoming and Arkansas Governors Sign Bills to Nullify FDA Restrictions on Terminally-ill Patients

Arkansas Governorfda Asa Hutchinson and Wyoming Governor Matt Mead have both signed into law bills that nullify some FDA (Food and Drug Administration) restrictions that prevent terminally ill patients from using experimental treatments.

Senate Bill 4 (Arkansas) and Senate File 3 (Wyoming) would both allow a patient suffering from a terminal disease who has considered all other approved treatment options to try experimental treatments or drugs not yet approved by the FDA if recommended by a physician.

During this most recent November election, Arizona residents approved Proposition 303, known as the Arizona Terminal Patients’ Right to Try Referendum, which is similar to the proposals signed into law in Arkansas and Wyoming.

According to the Tenth Amendment Center; “Legislatures in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri and Louisiana, have already passed Right to Try Laws similar to the Arizona amendment, and more than 20 states are considering such measures in 2015. Governor signatures are likely soon on bills in Virginia, Montana and Mississippi.”

Earlier this month Oklahoma’s of Representatives voted 96 to 0 to approve House Bill 1074, which would also allow terminally-ill patients to use experimental treatments not approved by the FDA.


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