Woman’s Jaw Broken During Cannabis Arrest

Woman’s Jaw Broken During Cannabis Arrest

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In dash cam footage one of the officers (right) can be seen smiling throughout the altercation.

Despite numerous states legalizing cannabis, the brutality of cannabis prohibition wages on in many parts of the country.

A woman in Roswell, Georgia had her jaw broken recently while being arrested for having a small amount of cannabis in her purse. Roswell police say the woman was resisting arrest.

Shanita Maeberry was arrested on Friday, charged with cannabis possession and obstruction of an officer, according to police spokesperson Lisa Holland.

Dash cam footage obtained by the media shows Maeberry arguing with police after they find cannabis in her purse at a gas station; Maeberry was initially searched because officer Van Alstine said he smelled cannabis from his window.

IMaeberry admitted to using cannabis, but became defensive when police began to search her purse. She allegedly struck officer Alstine, who used excessive force in punching her in the face, which broke her jaw. According to Holland, Alstine punched Maeberry “to gain control” (which is sickening).

This entire situation, of course, could have been avoided if cannabis were simply legal. The police could have spent their time doing something more meaningful, rather than harassing an otherwise law-abiding citizen.

Maeberry has since been treated at the hospital and released on bond.

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