Wichita, Kansas Decriminalization Initiative Qualifies for April Ballot

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Wichita, Kansas Decriminalization Initiative Qualifies for April Ballot

Advocates have collected enoughmmw_pot_112108_article signatures on an initiative to decriminalize cannabis in Wichita, the largest city in the State of Kansas, to qualify it for the April ballot, according to the Southcentral Kansas Peace and Justice Center.

If approved into law by city voters, the initiative would remove criminal penalties for the possession and use of cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia, making it a simple $50 ticket. Under current Wichita law, the possession of even a miniscule amount of cannabis can result in a jail sentence of up to a year.

Similar city-wide initiatives aimed at decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis were approved earlier this month in South Portland, Maine, and in six Michigan cities.

In addition to being the largest city in Kansas, Wichita is the 49th largest city in the United States.

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  • Dan Viets
    November 13, 2014

    Its’ going to be hard to win in an April election.
    If they don’t win, they should try again on the
    November 2016 ballot.

  • Sean
    November 18, 2014

    OK Dan, I guess Oregon, Alaska and DC should have waited until 2016 also, right? Sorry Dan, you can’t reform marijuana laws through procrastination.

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