Why Vaping is the New Trend in 2019

Why Vaping is the New Trend in 2019

If you have been smoking and you are now considering to switch to vaping, also known as electronic cigarettes, you want to be sure you are making the right decision.Is it better than smoking? Is health risk different from traditional smoking? You just want to know WHY you should make a move. We are going to help you understand why it is considered a better option by discussing the benefits of vaping.

Let’s get right into it;

1. It Has Fewer Effects Compared to Smoking

The Royal College of Physicians, which has over 35000 doctors across the globe says that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. This is because there is no combustion, ash, or tar involved in vaping. Switching to vaping, therefore, enables the user to enjoy better skin health, oral hygiene, improved sense of taste and smell, as well as lung capacity.

2. Good Odor. 

Honestly speaking, the smell of the dead tobacco leaves is not pleasant to anyone. Thankfully, the vaping smell can even go unrecognized. In other circumstances, people will even love and compliment you for the sweet smell, due to the sweet flavors used.

3. Control Nicotine Intake. 

This is probably the best thing about vaping. You get to choose the amount of nicotine to consume.E-juice varies in strength from nicotine-free to high-level nicotine. This can be especially effective if you are trying to quit smoking. Many vapers in the industry are set to start off with high levels of nicotine and gradually reducing to a low-level or zero. The ranging levels also give the user a sense of responsibility as they are aware of the amount of the substance they are consuming.

4. It Improves Mental Health

Many individuals who have switched from smoking to vaping report reduced levels of anxiety, obesity, depression, and other chronic illness. The logic behind this is while they were smoking, physical exercise was hard, and they felt stuck with the bad habit. In this state, most people don’t even care about any of their life decisions.

5. It’s Pocket-Friendly

Regardless of the amount you have, there is a vaper for you. The vaping market has expanded over the years hence the variety of the vapers in the market. It’s also interesting to know that research by NerdWallet, revealed that switching to vaping, will save you $1200 per year if you smoke a packet of cigarettes every day.

6.  A Wide Variety to Try Out

Vice says there are approximately 460 brands of e-cigarettes, pens, and mods in 2019. Additionally, there are more than 7700 flavors that you can try. You can have a lime, blueberry, coconut, green tea flavor, e.t.c. If you still prefer a tobacco flavor, there are still several options available. The latter do not have the “bad” odor or any other issues that come with smoking tobacco. You can, therefore, have a different vaping experience every week if you are adventurous.

7. You Can Enjoy More Juice Vaping

Modern vaping equipment allows you to vape dry herb instead of juice. You can, therefore, directly benefit from any legal substance you choose, such as tobacco, without additives that make smoking a bad habit. These are substances like tar and carbon monoxide. Since the vaporizers burn at a very low temperature, your herb is roasted instead of burnt. This means fewer odors.

8. Zero Experience Needed

Well, there are a few advanced vapers that are a bit advanced in the industry. However, they still have a beginner’s rank. However, there a majority that does not require any levels of experience. Some devices are draw-activated, so they automatically engage once you puff on them.

9. You Can Smoke Anytime, Anywhere

Unlike smoking, where you have to leave a restaurant or office to smoke, vaping can be done anywhere. You also don’t need to feel the urge to continue to finish vaping because you can continue anytime you want. Smoking forces the user to finish it as they just can’t return it to their pocket.

10. Better Relationship with Non-Smokers

The biggest issue of smoking is the reaction of passive smokers. They are annoyed by the smoke and the health risk that may come with it. Smoking may, therefore, hurt the relationships with your loved ones. For vaping, it does not have the stinking smell, and it is also harmless.

The Global Boom in Vaping

Vaping has become a global phenomenon in recent years. The market for vaping products has exploded around the world, and now governments are deciding on the legalities of the industry, so while vaping in Chile and Japan is legal, countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, among others, have banned vaping.

As the science and weight of opinion grows stronger, we hope more countries will move towards legalization. This would allow smokers in these countries to move to a viable alternative, and something that’s a whole lot more fun and much more socially acceptable as people can vape anywhere, unlike smoking.


Take Away

Vaping is definitely a better option compared to smoking, although it has a few side effects, as well. If you are looking for a more flexible option or planning on quitting smoking, vaping could be the best option for you. Have a great vaping experience!


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    Is decarboxylation necessary if you use a battery with temperature control settings for your vape pen ??

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