Why Treating Epileptic Seizures With CBD Oil Is A Good Idea?

Why Treating Epileptic Seizures With CBD Oil Is A Good Idea?

The year 2018 witnessed a landmark decision on the cannabis front. Various states joined hands in legalizing the medicinal use of cannabis. This decision was based on a number of positive research that supported cannabis to be a potential drug that can effectively treat various diseases. Today cannabis doctors across these states and countries prescribe cannabis-based treatments to ease various ailments and discomfort associated with them.


Cannabis and Epileptic Seizures

 One such ailment that has been facing a tough front in terms of medication is Epilepsy. Caused due to abnormal activities in the central nervous system, Epilepsy causes periodic seizures and sensations in individuals who tend to lose a sense of awareness. The length, intensity and other symptoms of these seizures vary from one patient to the other. Currently, there are surgery and other medication based treatments that aim to control brain activity and thus reduce seizures. Yet, none of these medications have been the breakthrough that patients have been looking forward to.


Cannabis to the rescue

 Cannabis, in fact, could be the miracle that Epilepsy patients have been hoping for. And the truth about the efficiency of Cannabis to treat Epilepsy can be backed by the FDI who recently approved the use of Cannabis or CBD based solution called Epidiolex. This approval offers treatment for 2 types of rare forms of epilepsy, Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome using CBD or Cannabidiol using Epidiolex. Medical cannabis is now available at authorized dispensaries as well as on online platforms which means more patients can experience the true potential of Cannabis.


What makes cannabidiol so special?

CBD has been the interest of research across the world as a potential medication. CBD is the non-psychoactive substance present in cannabis that comes with various health benefits. This means patients can undergo the treatment without having to worry about the intoxication. The case of Trysten Pearson who suffers from epilepsy is a typical example of how CBD can be effectively used to treat the symptoms associated with epilepsy. The use of CBD oil helped reduce seizures in his case. Today CBD oil is available to treat various such patients across the states who are suffering from the effects of Epilepsy.

  1. CBD can reduce the intensity and frequency of occurrence of seizures:

One of the most commonly mentioned cases where CBD effectively helped Epilepsy is the case of Charlotte Figi suffering from Dravet syndrome. After many failed attempts to treat the condition, the use of CBD helped reduce the frequency of seizures from over 300 a week to  2-3 per month.

A study conducted in early 2015 in the University Colorado revealed that over 47 percent of patients who moved into Colorado seeking treatment for Epilepsy witnessed a positive change in their condition. Another study that offers conclusive proof of CBD`s effectiveness was published in the Journal of Epilepsy research. The study involved the use of 3 therapy trails with CBD on patients suffering from different forms of epilepsy. The conclusions offer class-1 evidence that use of CBD can improve seizure control in patients suffering from certain forms of epilepsy.

  1. CBD can enhance the effects of other medications

 A study published by Langone Medical center aimed to cumulate results from various cannabis-based treatment studies from multiple research centers. The study involved 162 patients treated with 99 percent cannabidiol and monitored over a period of 12 weeks. Cannabidiol was offered as an add-on to existing medications to these. The observations suggest that the use of cannabidiol reduced motor seizures by about 36.5 percent and in fact, 2 percent of patients became seizure free. Similar evidence suggests that cannabidiol can help enhance the effectiveness of existing medications and anabolic steroids. Yet, this effect may vary for different types of medications.

  1. CBD has less or no-side effects:

In both plant and oil form, Cannabis is not a fail-proof drug. Yet the types of side-effects observed in patients suffering from Epilepsy were mild and easily curable when exposed to CBD. These symptoms include sleepiness, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, decreased appetite, etc, as compared to drastic symptoms in case of existing medications. This makes CBD a safer choice of treatment. You should always purchase CBD and related products from


The right grade of medical marijuana

 Medical marijuana is a collective term and not everything that comes under it serves the same purpose. Pharmaceutical grade CBD is well purified and is effective for treatment whereas there are various other strains that are also available with different levels of CBD and THC. Species such as Indica have higher THC content whereas Sativa has higher CBD content. Proper knowledge of the species you use is important to achieve the expected results from this form of treatment.

Doses of up to 10-25 mg/kg initially were effective in treating different forms of epilepsy. More lab trails and patient feedback can be an effective measure of CBD`s efficiency towards treating epilepsy. Although CBD is not a miracle cure that can eradicate Epilepsy, it can help improve the quality of life of patients suffering from Epilepsy.

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