Why More Users Are Turning To Delta-8 THC Edibles

Why More Users Are Turning To Delta-8 THC Edibles

In recent years, the cannabis industry has been expanding, especially with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill that allowed the use and distribution of hemp products. As of 2019, the market size for industrial hemp was estimated to be USD 4.71 billion.


With the market growth and increasing demand, competition is intensifying, leading to more new products in the market. The latest product in the market is Delta-8 THC edible.


Delta 8 is gaining traction with many sellers now offering it, and you can even order your delta 8 edibles online in 2021. But are you wondering why these cannabinoids are generating buzz? That’s where we are headed.

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What are Delta-8 THC Edibles?


Delta-8 -THC differs from the more common Delta-9 THC or simply THC. The prior is a chemical parallel of Delta-9-THC with the same structure but with distinguishing properties.


From a chemical point of view, Delta-9-THC differs from its cousin- Delta-8 THC by where its critical chemical bond is located. While Delta-9-THC has this bond on the 9th carbon chain, the delta-8-THC bonds on the 8th carbon chain. In simple words, our system receptors absorb and respond to the compounds differently because of this bonding.


Unlike Delta-9-THC, Delta-8 THC is a stable molecule and is not easily oxidized to become a cannabinol, thus extending its shelf life.


Another difference is that Delta-9 is a potent compound as compared to Delta-8. Thus, you can expect less to negligible psychoactive effects when using Delta-8.


Now let’s take a look at why Delta-8 THC edibles are increasing in popularity.


Availability of Several Flavors


More flavor options is one of the best things about edibles. There are several varieties readily available and might even increase in the future. In fact, gummies alone have a huge market share with a full selection of tasty, chewy fruity gummies to infuse with Delta-8 THC. The gummies are available in several flavors, such as mango, green apple, etc.


Edibles offer a Prolonged Effect


Are you looking for a compound that will stay in your system for much longer? Edibles are the best. For your body to ingest the compound into your bloodstream, it must pass through your digestive system. The effect will stay in your system for a prolonged period as compared to other methods such as vaping.

The prolonged effects paired with Delta-8 THC’s therapeutic effects are crucial for users fighting against Anxiety or struggling with sleep as it allows your body to wear down and relax throughout the night.

Delta-8 THC for Nausea and Appetite

It has been established that Delta-8 THC edibles help to reduce nauseous feelings and also stimulate the appetite. Its use as an anti-emetic has been patented, a huge step and benefit to patients undergoing cancer treatment.


In one research, children aged between 3-13 were given Delta-8 THC as they underwent cancer treatment. The administration of this edible significantly improved their nausea levels, and most of them stopped vomiting. Another exciting discovery noticed was that the children did not experience any adverse effects after taking the edible food product.


Also, another study conducted on mice showed that delta-8 significantly improved their appetite. While both delta-8 and delta-9 enhances appetite, the study concludes that delta-8 THC is more efficient in appetite stimulation.


Delta-8 THC Edibles are More Discreet



Most users nowadays prefer edibles to smoking or vaping because of its discretion. Smoking involves blowing large dense smoke, and while vaping is a bit discreet, you have to excuse yourself from the crowd to enjoy it in both cases. With edibles, all you have to do is to pop out a delicious gummy into your mouth, chew and swallow. It’s been thought of as the best way to get legal high without offending others.


Improvement of Memory and Focus


A study conducted on lab mice showed that those administered with Delta-8 THC increased acetylcholine levels in their brains. These hormones act as a neurotransmitter helping to improve cerebral memory and learning in humans and animals. Research is underway on how it can be administered to people with Alzheimer’s disease to counteract cognitive memory loss.


Delta-8 helps in Reducing Anxiety



Are you about to present your project to a group of panels? In most cases, you will be anxious. What can Delta-8 THC do to help you with your situation? This edible has therapeutic properties found in CBD that can help fight Anxiety and relax your nerves. It activates the ECS (endocannabinoid system), which is involved in balancing and regulating body functions such as moods and feelings.


Increases Your Productivity


One property of this edible is that it allows a user to relax without diminishing their focus and luminosity. It energizes the user without leaving him/her with a paranoid feeling and anxiety compared to Delta-9 THC. Taking Delta-8 THC will uplift you, increasing your productivity.


Delta-8 THC is a Natural Pain Reliever


Delta-8 THC interacts with our ECS, an intricate system that assists in regulating and restoring most body functions such as mood, pain, and inflammation. They activate CB1 receptors in the brain region that controls pain, soothing aches, and pains.




Most users have been turning to Delta-8 THC edible because of the many benefits compared to vaping or smoking. If you’re after something with delicious taste and prolonged effects without interruptions from the ‘high,’ go for Delta-8 THC edibles.


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