What To Consider When Buying Pet CBD

What To Consider When Buying Pet CBD

What To Consider When Buying Pet CBD

Cannabidiol, more popularly known as CBD, is a natural substance used to help in the relief and cure of different ailments. This organic compound provides several health benefits to humans, but it may also have positive effects on pets.

However, you need to be careful when buying pet CBD products. Here are four things to consider before buying CBD for your pets:

Look At The Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

The COA should contain the laboratory test results of the CBD-infused product. Ideally, you should find crucial data on the COA, like the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the product contains.

Like CBD, THC comes from hemp plants. Albeit both substances may promote health benefits, the latter can cause mind-altering effects to both humans and pets.

Aim to search CBD products that have zero or minute traces of THC. The human body might be more resistant to this compound than animals, especially cats and dogs. So, it’s crucial to know the amount of THC in the CBD product you plan on getting before making your purchase.

If you can’t find the COA on the website or the seller refuses to divulge the document after requesting it, move on to the next supplier. Legitimate CBD businesses, like HolistaPet, do not hide anything from their customers.

Know The Right Dose

You should know the correct dosage and administration method of CBD to your pet before buying a CBD-infused product. Several CBD oils and tinctures come with built-in droppers to help you give the correct amount of this organic compound to your pet.

It’s advisable to give your pet with the lowest possible dosage of CBD at the onset. You must allow their body to become accustomed to the substance; otherwise, your pet might suffer from health complications because of the sudden introduction of CBD in their system.

Also, consult your veterinarian first to know the right CBD dose for pets. The animal expert might suggest you give CBD supplements for pets as these products help eliminate the guesswork in terms of providing the correct dose.


Cheap CBD Doesn’t Mean High-Quality

Some CBD products for pets might carry an expensive price tag. But, many pet owners don’t mind the costly charges if it would mean making their animal companions healthier than before.

Don’t fall into the temptation of buying cheap CBD products so you can save the extra cash for other expenses. Inexpensive CBD-infused products might contain additives and preservatives to enhance their flavors and shelf lives. But, these additional chemicals could create health complications for your pet.

Consider buying CBD products from reliable and legitimate sources only. Trustworthy manufacturers only use the correct CBD extraction procedures to reduce harmful contaminants in their products. Having said that, the CBD-infused product you must opt for should have a majority of organic components to avoid bringing health issues to your pet.

It should be in your best interest to offer high-quality CBD oil for dogs and other pets. Hemp plants where the CBD comes from can accumulate toxins from the soil. In other words, these plants pull toxic substances from the ground and store these components in their leaves. Thus, it’s crucial to buy high-quality CBD products from manufacturers that only use the best extraction methods.

Beware Of Hemp-Derived Products

Take note that hemp oil is different from CBD oil. As mentioned above, the hemp plant may contain toxins in its leaves. So, feeding this substance to your pet might create health concerns.

Many suppliers, especially illegitimate sellers, will skirt regulations by putting the word “hemp” in their products instead of “CBD”. Verify the existence of CBD in your preferred product by asking the supplier or manufacturer. If you can’t verify the existence of CBD in the product, then don’t even think about buying it, let alone using it on your pet. This information should be readily available on the product’s COA.

Moreover, don’t confuse products labeled as “hemp oil with CBD” and “hemp seed oil”. The latter can be an acceptable supplement for your pet, provided that it has CBD. But, it might not contain enough CBD to become a viable medicinal or therapeutic option for animals.

Final Thoughts

Remember to check the COA, quality, and extraction method when you’re shopping for pet CBD products. As a pet owner, it could totally devastate you if you see your pet suffer from an illness. Fortunately, using high-quality CBD products may help alleviate symptoms from specific diseases. But, always talk to your veterinarian first before attempting to buy or use this organic substance. Misuse of CBD might lead to the rise of adverse effects, which can lower the quality of life of your pet.


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