What Makes Kratom and CBD So Helpful in Treating Skin Conditions?

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What Makes Kratom and CBD So Helpful in Treating Skin Conditions?

In recent years, the skincare industry has gained significant ground, making it one of the growing sectors in the world. Many of the chemicals and ingredients used in skincare products tend to treat the skin significantly but can also have certain side effects. To tackle such an issue, people have made the most of all-natural supplements like CBD and kratom to treat their skin. For skincare, you can make use of CBD topicals and kratom soaps.

Around 36% of users attest that CBD-infused topicals and other products work effectively in treating several skin ailments. Hemp-derived CBD, with its anti-inflammatory properties, can be beneficial in treating skin conditions like Psoriasis and eczema. Not only does this substance helps in providing healthy skin but also reduces the time of the healing process due to its antioxidant properties.

Kratom, on the other hand, has anti-inflammatory properties due to the original active alkaloids present. These properties tend to fight sleeplessness and many other problems like anxiety, depression, etc. This herbal supplement is a tree that comes from South Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

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The practice of consuming kratom has been going on for centuries, where natives from these regions make the use of kratom leaves by chewing them in their raw state or by adding them to the hot water to consume kratom tea. There are different types of kratom, such as red Bali kratom, Maeng da, Indo, green Malay, and Thai.

Since the herbal remedy has robust chemical compounds and sturdy, active alkaloids, kratom not only improves wellbeing but also adds to the health of the skin. Getting your hands on these herbal remedies from a recognized brand can be very helpful which is why we only trust the Golden Monk.

So, let us shed some light on the reasons that make kratom and CBD helpful in treating skin conditions.

1.  Help in reducing signs of Aging

Age is one factor that plays a massive role in determining the health of your skin. With age, the skin shows signs of deteriorating in the form of dullness, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. To fight these issues, many people move towards using lotions and anti-aging products. Even though they can help in managing repercussions caused by the aging process, CBD-infused products like lotion, balm, and oil do it without any adverse effects.

With the presence of antioxidant properties in CBD, it helps in maintaining skin hydration at all times. Hemp-derived CBD oil contains – Omega 3 and Omega 6. These acids restore collagen’s production, which in turn puts a stop on too much water loss. Kratom, however, contains a sugar called rhamnose, which can directly impact the aging signs, keeping the skin healthy. The substance also relieves the patchy and itchy skin areas.


2.  Can reduce Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a kind of autoimmune disease that tends to attack healthy skin cells. People suffering from Psoriasis have dry, patchy, and scaly skin. After entering the skin cells, it multiplies without any warnings, as a result, causes the skin to form patches in the shape of red spots and scales. One of the effective ways to reduce the damaged cells and skin patches is to make the use of herbal substances like CBD and kratom.

CBD interacts with our body’s ECS, which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in limiting the cell multiplication, which reduces the symptoms of Psoriasis. Since stress plays a vital role in causing the disease, you can control it by the use of kratom. The active alkaloids of this herbal drug – mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine bind with the brain receptors. This produces opiate-like effects, which keeps the stress away. Such a process sustains the disease away.

3.  Help in exfoliating skin

Our skin naturally sheds dead skin to keep itself healthy. But, it is also crucial to remove the dead skin cells as they don’t drop altogether. CBD exfoliating lotions, however, helps in improving the texture of the skin and keeping it smooth. Many such exfoliators accommodate around 15% of alpha-hydroxy acid that has a pH value of 3.4.

These values are ideal for light exfoliation. Such use of CBD makes way for the much-needed penetration, helps in tightening the pores, and prevents sebum’s overproduction. You can also buy kratom soaps that help in brushing off the dead skin cells too. The antioxidant and antibacterial properties of kratom, along with its vast alkaloid composition, keep the skin away from bacteria and moisturizes the skin while exfoliating it. You can use natural Cannabis flowers or leaves by preparing a mixture of it too. Get your hands on budget buds to use some of the best strains.

4.  They’re better for the body

Since skin is the first line of defense, commercial soaps might not be an excellent option to go with. Their harmful chemicals tend to come in contact with the skin and enters the body through the pores. Choosing a chemical-free and all-natural alternative is the need of the hour.

Kratom and CBD are two of the popular natural remedies that contain organic ingredients and chemical compounds that help our body in many ways. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that interact with the skin glands to regulate body oil production. Not only does it help in the oil regulation, keeping the skin away from dryness, but it also treats the muscles from aches and different forms of pain. This stimulates skin and body healing and provides healthy wellbeing.


In the modern age where people are spending a lot of money on cosmetic and chemical-rich products, they fail to acknowledge the harm these products can cause to their skin. All-natural alternatives like CBD and kratom come out to be better options to treat skin conditions like Psoriasis, dryness, and aging signs. These profound benefits make people opt for natural substances like CBD and kratom to treat skin conditions.

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