What is CBD Crumble? – How to Make CBD Crumble

CBD Crumble

What is CBD Crumble? – How to Make CBD Crumble

CBD crumble, sometimes called crumble wax or honeycomb wax, is quickly becoming some people’s favorite method of consuming CBD. THC or marijuana crumble has been around for a bit, but CBD’s new take on it is helping remove this amazing concentrate’s stigma as one for only the most-seasoned tokers. Today, we’re exploring what CBD crumble is, why many say it’s their preferred method, and what goes into creating this fun and exciting take on CBD concentrates. 


What is CBD Crumble? 

So what is CBD crumble, anyway? CBD crumble is an incredibly concentrated form of CBD, making it excellent for those that need a fast-acting and potently high dosage of CBD to medicate. As the name indicates, CBD crumble has a crumby and somewhat waxy texture. Like most forms of CBD, CBD crumble is most often found in its original full spectrum state, meaning it contains pretty much all the goodies cannabis offers. It will have the mother cannabinoid CBG and terpenes such as linalool and myrcrene. 


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CBD Crumble’s Benefits 


With some CBD crumble coming in at 99% purity, the effects of this concentration can be quite prominent. If you’re not used to such a concentrated dosage, you can easily take too much and feel a heavy sensation of relaxation and lots of tiredness. But when you’re struggling with chronic pain or insomnia and need immediate relief, there is little else better. This makes crumble popular with veteran users of the plant. 


Just because many experienced users prefer CBD crumble for its high potency doesn’t mean newcomers need to stay away from this form. I do recommend that you go very slow at first, or even better have an experienced user help you out. Since crumble is a fine option for both newcomers, along with advanced users, let me briefly go over the general benefits of CBD.  


From helping the body better control the inflammatory process to keeping us calmer when our flight-or-fight response is triggered, CBD helps the body better regulate many of the various processes that take place. Keeping our bodies funtioning properly when an external process acts upon it is called homeostasis and is critical to keeping us healthy. With CBD promoting homeostasis in several major areas of the body, it’s able to support our immunity, appetite regulation, sleep cycle, nervous system, and more. 


To get nitty-gritty, let’s use inflammation as an example. Inflammation is the body’s natural defense against a host of outside issues from germs to pathogens. But when it’s heavily burdened by foreign forces, the immune system has a hard time staying stable, even with homeostasis helping out and regulating it. This can lead to inflammation turning on the body through mistaken identity. And this is where CBD can come and help turn the tide, letting the body regain control over the inflammatory process. 


In simple terms, when someone is dealing with an issue with their body, they often find CBD helps the issue go away in a non-tangible way, like if the issue was never there or it was greatly dulled. 


How To Use CBD Crumble 


One of the major pros of CBD crumble is its versatility in how you can take it. 




Vaping or dabbing crumble is the preferred choice amongst most users. Both versions offer users a quick way to feel their medicine without having to consume harmful tar in the process. Vaping crumble is easier than dabbing because sometimes the consistency can be too crumbly to easily get a good dab. 

After cleaning your vape equipment



If you prefer to consume your cannabis the old fashion way by smoking it up, you’ll be happy to hear that crumble wax is perfect to put in your favorite bong or pipe. Do note that smoking isn’t as popular, both for health reasons and it can burn the concentrate too fast.




If you’re looking to extend the effects of crumble, eating it could be the way to go. Just cook it into your favorite baked good, and you’re set. While eating may extend the crumble’s lifespan, it comes at the cost of its immediate effects such as when vaped or smoked. But some report eating to be the way to go for the most potent effects.


How To Make CBD Crumble 


Butane for BHO is the most common ways to make crumble wax. While you can make crumble at home, working with butane is quite dangerous. There are more than enough videos on the web of people blowing up their kitchens with it. 


When done on the commercial scale, CBD crumble goes through a few complex steps. First, after harvesting the crop, it’s often doused in liquid nitrogen to preserve its freshness — simply freezing around 40 degrees fahrenheit is popular as well. 


Then it will be introduced in a closed-loop system. This is where all the goodies are extracted from the herb by having a solvent pull through the flower. This cannabis-rich solvent is then moved into another part of the extraction system, which starts the solvent removing process. Here, the solvent is first cooled at extremely low tempatures, then heated, then cooled again. This allows the cannabis compounds we want to fully separate from the solvent we don’t want. 


Finally, the cannabis extraction is purged, where it is poured into trays and placed into a vacuum oven where it’s heated between 110° F-135° F for up to three days. To get it really crumby, the extraction can be whipped before the purging. What a sentence! 


Making Crumble Wax At Home


At the moment, really good crumble wax is attached to using the solvent BHO. Some manufacturers use CO2, but the constancy isn’t the same — it’s stickier and doesn’t really resemble true crumble. As well, you saw above that crumble wax has a pretty extensive process, so don’t expect that same feta cheese like crumble with homemade crumble.

I personally recommended looking at making bubble hash. To make bubble hash, all you need is your cannabis clipping, ice, a few micron bags, and a lot of shaking. There is no risk of setting your kitchen or youself on fire. If you only have access to CBD oil and not flower, then I recommend simply throwing it into your favorite food dish — no cooking it beforehand, like with the flowers.

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