What Is A Blunt And What You Need To Know Before You Try One

What Is A Blunt And What You Need To Know Before You Try One

If you are acquainted with cigars, you already have a fair idea of what blunts are. Blunts are ground-up cannabis, rolled in a thick tobacco paper.


The same kind of paper used for rolling cigars are often used for rolling blunts. Actually, many blunt smokers will purchase cheap cigars, pour out the low-quality tobacco within them and use the wrappers for making CBD blunts. So let’s explore a bit more of this world of cannabis filled cigar

Why Is It Called A Blunt?


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The origin of the term ‘blunt’ came from an American brand of cigars, Phillies Blunt. They manufacture a cigar that they called “blunt.” As people often bought this cigar only to empty it and fill it with weed, the name became associated with cannabis smokers. This brand made the culture of cannabis consumption popular.


How to roll a Blunt?

The process is rolling a blunt isn’t terrible complicated but like everything else, it takes a bit of practice to really create a consistently good outcome. Here are the general steps:


1. Grind the Cannabis Properly


Before rolling the CBD blunts, make sure you crush them down properly. You can either grind the buds in a grinder or break them with your fingers. The more evenly you break them down, the easier and more consistently they will burn. But if you over-grind them, they will burn out too quickly. Most people prefer breaking them by hand so they can control the size.


2. Empty The Ingredients Of The Cigar 


Using a sharp knife, cut the cigar lengthwise on one side. Once it is open, pull it apart and unroll it gently to not break it. Empty the tobacco inside it and throw away. You now have a proper outer shell to work with called the wrapper.

3. Moisten the Wrapper


Cigar papers are hard to work with. Therefore, it is recommended to moisten the paper to manipulate it more easily. You want to make sure you can shape and wrap it without it falling apart. Adding moisture will also bend any kind of micro tear caused during splitting and emptying so they are more concealed.

People often use saliva to moisten the entire paper. However, if you are preparing blunts for others, use a bit of water on your finger.


4. Fill Your Blunt


Place the cannabis you have already ground at the center of the paper and then spread it evenly with your fingers lengthwise. Keep adding till you get the desired amount of CBD. On average, a blunt can hold up to 1-2 grams. After filling the blunt sufficiently, role it between your fingers so that the weed is properly seated and evenly distributed.


5. Seal the Blunt


Once everything is evenly distributed, roll the blunt and seal it. You need to tuck one edge of the wrap under the other. Lick the exposed edge and stick it on the other. This should be sufficient to hold the pieces in place as long as you didn’t over fill it. If there are any small rips or cracks due to excess cannabis, you can seal it with extra leaf paper.


In order to make the seal permanent and have an even burn, you can “bake” it by running a lighter all around the exterior. Make sure you do not burn the paper. You are only doing it to dry out the moisture and seal the blunt, not light it.


Your blunt is now ready to smoke.


Are Blunts Addictive?


Cigarette wraps with tobacco leaf contain nicotine which purposefully makes it addictive. When it comes to blunts and other cannabis products, the answer becomes tricky.


The subject of marijuana addiction is debatable. Some research has shown that individuals may have withdrawal symptoms after stopping the consumption of cannabis. Some subjects were unable to stop themselves from smoking at all. There are many trials and test being conducted to examine the benefits and risks of of the cannabis plant.

Pros and Cons of Blunts


Like with everything in life, there are positive attributes to making and smoking blunts and there are definitely negatives as well.




  1. Blunt burns slower. Experienced smokers have always expressed that a single blunt takes care of their needs. As most of them use a tobacco leaf for preparing the blunt, they also get the added benefit of a mild buzz from the nicotine present in it.


  1. Great option for a group setting


Blunt wrappers are usually thicker than joint-rolling papers. Hence, blunt burns for a longer period of time as compared to a joint. If you have ever been in a group setting and tried to pass on a joint, you know you are lucky if you get a couple of takes. In case of a blunt, sharing becomes easier.


  1. Blunt wraps have a stronger flavor than rolling papers used for joints. You also may get a bit of flavor left from tobacco.




  1. The process of rolling a blunt is a bit tricky at first and takes some time. It is probably best for special occasions.


  1. Cigars and their wrappers are toxic.


Although you are removing the tobacco from inside, cancer-causing nitrosamines are left behind in high concentrations. Toxins are used during the process of fermentation. The wrappers of the cigar are highly porous, more than rolling papers, which results in incomplete burning. Hence, the smoke inhaled may have a high level of toxins in it.


  1. Blunt has a lot of cannabis content


As cigars are bigger in size than joints, it can hold a lot of weed. Depending on large and filled the blunt is, it is not uncommon to see a blunt hold six joints worthy of cannabis.


Health Benefits of CBD Blunts


  1. Relief from chronic pain


There has been research to suggest that when CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in our body, it may produce pain-relieving effects. Our body has cannabinoid receptors which makes this possible and is responsible for many important functions within the body like metabolism, appetite, anxiety, mood and pain perception.


  1. May Help with Depression


The ability of CBD to react with the endocannabinoid system may help to calm down anxiety and stabilize the mood. Depression has become a widespread ailment and doctors are considering many ways to approach the problem. CBD has been prescribed by some medical professionals to help with depression.


  1. May Helps with Alcoholism


There are often many debates about the health impact of cannabis versus alcohol, where often it is quoted that alcohol can be significantly more devastating. Obviously cannabis is not completely free of risks but it may be a sound substitute.


Tobacco smoking causes health hazards which are irrecoverable. FDA has had to force tobacco companies to limit the amount of nicotine used in cigarettes. Considering this, maybe a safer choice could be CBD blunts. CBD will not make you high but can replace the physical act of smoking a cigarette, which could help you to let go of a cigarette addiction. It all boils down to making responsible choices and limiting the consumption for better health.

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