What CBD Capsules Do – How Capsules Are Made

CBD Capsules

What CBD Capsules Do – How Capsules Are Made

Convenient, easy to dose, and just as potent, CBD capsules are one of the best ways to take a cannabidiol(CBD) concentrate. If you’re not hip to CBD yet or you’re looking to try CBD that isn’t in tincture form, then this is the perfect article to get you set up on the CBD train. 


What Do CBD Capsules Do


Over the past years, CBD has gained quite a bit of popularity as a catch-all aid that can help someone take better control over their health and the illnesses that affect it. Some take CBD for pain, others take it for their anxiety, and then some give it to their pets to help with inflammation, arthritis, appetite control, and on. How can CBD help with all of this? 


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Pretty simple, really. It promotes homeostasis, which is the process responsible for recovery, ensuring the regulatory systems perform as they should when an external force is disrupting them. Temperature regulation, heart rate, hormone secretion, sleep, you name it, homeostasis is crucial to keeping us feeling balanced, healthy, and alive. 


CBD capsules, tinctures, vapes, they are all the same in the sense that they are a simple way to get this amazing homeostasis-supporting aid into our bodies. And we really want to support homeostasis too. As we are all too aware, humans struggle with a lot of daily issues. This clues us in that homeostasis isn’t always able to keep up on its own when fighting against those external burdens. 


Everyday stress and anxiety alone is a big factor in throwing off homeostasis, preventing it from achieving its desired goal. If homeostasis isn’t fully achieved, disease and disorders linger in the background, waiting to strike a weakened body. We’re talking heart disease, diabetes, and on. 


Unfortunately, we can’t escape those common stressors, which include everything from traffic to working to bills to worrying about world events. The diversity in stress factors alone is enough to disrupt homeostasis, but many people struggle with something on top like chronic pain, weight issues, limited sleep, and on. 


With CBD’s ability to support homeostasis while it supports us, it’s easy to see why this little aid has taken off. Think of CBD similar to putting on a coat to help warm up the body even though there is a homeostatic process to stabilize our internal temperature at 98.6°F. 


Now, CBD doesn’t support all the various homeostatic processes that take place, but it helps with many that face a lot of everyday stressors, helping balance pain, sleep, anxiety, and appetite to name a few. 

How Are CBD Capsules Made 


When CBD is first extracted from hemp, it’s not in a very desirable form. It almost resembles a sappy tar and will have a very intense skunky and grassy flavor.  As well, we need to bind with fat, so our bodies can properly absorb it. 


CBD capsules take the CBD extract, mix it with a fat (carrier oil), and place it in an oral capsule that delivers CBD to the body with none of that intense flavor that many don’t find pleasant. They typically are conveniently dosed around 10mg, as seen with Vitaleaf Natural HEMP capsules, which is a nice interval range to build upon to find how much you need. Some people only take 20mg a day, while others take 50-100+mg. Only in rare cases do people find they need a precise dosage of CBD, which can be had with a CBD tincture.  


The capsules used to deliver the potent aid are typically made from gelatin, though, vegetation-options are available. As such, the capsules can have varying degrees of softness depending on the manufacturer.


CBD can be derived from hemp in a number of ways with the most popular being CO2 extraction for commercial CBD. However, CBD can be extracted at home with much simpler and affordable methods. 


CO2 extraction is a solventless extraction method that safely separates the trichomes from the flowers. The trichomes contain hundreds of distinct classes of compounds that all work synergistically together to benefit our health. When all left together and placed with our carrier oil, we get full spectrum CBD, the most popular version by far. 


The reason we take CBD from hemp is to avoid THC. THC is the compound that gives marijuana its signature high effects. Marijuana plants have been bred to have high — pun intended — levels of THC. While hemp is bred to have near non-existent levels — so low you can’t get high from it, and this is why CBD is legal in many places. They are both cannabis plants, however.  


Make Your Own CBD Pills 


Want to make your own CBD pills, capsules, soft gels? Well, there is an easy way and a hard way. If you grow your own plants and want to make CBD capsules, you can use most of the classic marijuana extraction methods like alcohol or soaking the herb in oil. Then just throw it into a gelatin capsule, and you’re all set. 


Capsules are a great option for homemade CBD because homemade CBD oil is usually more intense in flavor than commercial CBD. Commercial CBD usually goes under additional steps to remove chlorophyll and other compounds that create a less bitter grassy flavor. 


The easiest way to make your own CBD capsules is by buying CBD oil and putting it into the capsules. This is great if you don’t like the flavor or want to take a lot. Homemade CBD capsules are great for delivering customized and precise high dosages. 




With CBD’s ability to help improve and support mood, hunger, sleep, digestion, inflammation, pain, and more, this little aid has allowed many to take back their bodies. Allowing them to feel like themselves again and no longer a stranger who’s weighed down with a burden. And for most, CBD capsules are the best choice with their portability, easy-to-take dosages, and zero flavor. 


When buying CBD, always make sure the company provides a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on their CBD products. A COA is independent confirmation that what’s advertised on the label is actually in the product. This is important to get because many companies are selling knock-off CBD. Usually, the extract is taken from the seeds, but advertised it contains CBD. Hemp seed oil has its benefits, but they differ from CBD’s, and they don’t include the same compounds. 


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