What are the Pros and Cons of Legalizing Cannabis?

What are the Pros and Cons of Legalizing Cannabis?

Cannabis is one of the most controversial substances on the planet. In recent years, countries all over the globe have legalized weed for medicinal purposes, while others have gone one step further by legalizing the sale of cannabis for recreational use too. There are millions of people that want to see the substance legalized all over the world, however, there are many out there that are against the idea. 


In recent years it seems like a lot of folks are changing their attitude towards cannabis. In the early 1980s, only 24% of Americans supported the idea of legalizing marijuana however, today there are more than 60% who would like to see the substance legalized for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Now that views on cannabis are changing, and with lots of new evidence showing that weed can be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions, it is expected that additional states are going to legalize it. 


Most cannabis advocates want to see more access to buy weed online or from an authorized dispensary. If you are still on the fence about whether or not marijuana should be legalized, this article might help you decide. 


Pros: Reduce the Number of Teenagers Using Cannabis


A recent study was carried out by people in the Washington University School of Medicine who found that the number of young people using cannabis fell in areas where the substance was decriminalized. However, the number of people who consume cannabis aged 18 and over increased in states where marijuana was decriminalized. 


There have been a lot of studies carried out that suggest that cannabis policy reforms do not encourage young people to experiment with weed. People are not entirely sure why this is the case, however, many people believe that teenagers try cannabis because they want to rebel. By legalizing the substance, it’s taking away a lot of the excitement and danger a lot of teenagers crave. If you tell a teenager not to do something, a lot of them will eventually go against your demands, so making cannabis readily available takes away a lot of the fun. 


Pros: Medicinal Purposes


People have been using cannabis to treat various diseases for thousands of years. For a lot of folks, without being able to consume cannabis regularly can cause all sorts of problems. Cannabis components such as CBD and THC can play a role in treating different diseases such as: 


  • Certain types of cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Migraines
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety


Certain strains work better for certain diseases, however, most dealers on the black market very rarely have a lot of different strains for sale. Most authorized dealers and dispensaries have various strains to choose from.




Pros: Legalizing Cannabis can help Discourage the Black Market


Not everyone who sells cannabis on the black market is a hardened criminal, but a lot of them are. A lot of dealers are decent people, who just want to make a living, while others use the money generated from dealing cannabis to purchase weapons and other illicit drugs. By legalizing cannabis, it will reduce the amount of cash these criminals make. Because they will be making less money, getting involved in criminal activity will be less appealing to younger people. 


The amount of tax money generated from the sale of legal marijuana is incredible. Instead of that money disappearing into the black market, there will be more money available that can be used to improve hospitals, roads, and schools. Plus, the amount of taxpayers’ money that is spent policing the sale of cannabis adds up too. Police officers and others involved in the legal system can concentrate on more serious matters instead of wasting time chasing people for possessing cannabis. Allowing authorized dealers like this dispensary in Hamilton to sell the substance will help minimize crime rates. 


Cons: Smoking Pot can be Addictive


Although smoking cannabis is not as dangerous as smoking methamphetamine or injecting yourself with heroin, it is an addictive drug. There are people all over the planet that can’t seem to kick the habit and find themselves consuming cannabis day in, day out. However, just because some people can’t stop using the substance, doesn’t mean that everybody who tries it will automatically get addicted. The majority of people who try cannabis do not become addicted. 


Although most people don’t get addicted, some who consume weed regularly sometimes exhibit behaviours that are associated with addiction. Here are a few signs:


  • They often increase the amount of cannabis they purchase
  • They often spend their time fantasizing about consuming cannabis
  • Their life will revolve around the substance
  • They often spend a lot of their time and money acquiring pot
  • When their stash runs out they will come across as agitated and irritable
  • If something negative happens in their life, they will often increase the amount they consume


The most obvious signs to look out for are withdrawal and physical dependence. 




Cons: Gateway Drug


Most people consider marijuana as a gateway drug. If a person experiments with cannabis, many people fear that they will like it so much that they will be encouraged to try stronger drugs. They are convinced that people who utilize one drug are destined to try others. However, there is no solid proof that there is any link between cannabis and harder drugs. There is, however, evidence that shows there is a connection between tobacco smoking and marijuana smoking, particularly among young adults and teenagers. A lot of folks feel we have enough problems caused by tobacco and alcohol, so legalizing another intoxicant is not a good idea. 


Cons: Lung Problems


Plenty of people claim that smoking cannabis is worse for your lungs than smoking a traditional cigarette. They often assume this because cannabis smokers deeply inhale and hold in the smoke for a long period before exhaling. 


Second-hand smoke from weed is a major concern for many people. Although there is little evidence that shows second-hand smoke from marijuana can cause lung problems, people are still very worried that it might. 


Cons: Road Accidents


Driving under the influence of marijuana is extremely dangerous. Authorities have been clamping down on those who operate a vehicle while they have cannabis in their system in recent years and rightfully so. Those who are caught driving while intoxicated often face lengthy jail time. Not only are they putting themselves at risk on the road, but they are also endangering the lives of others. People cannot forget, even if cannabis is legalized, that consuming the substance and then driving is extremely dangerous. Whether you are for or against legalizing pot, very few people can suggest that driving while high is a good idea. 




A lot of people who are pro-cannabis are shocked that so many countries are decriminalizing the substance. More countries are allowing the sale of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes more than ever before, and many feel we are just at the beginning. Even countries like Thailand, which enforce strict cannabis laws have been legalizing the product to help treat patients. However, just because pot is legal in many countries, doesn’t mean that those selling weed on the black market have gone. There are still dealers out there that are trying to make a profit, and selling cannabis on the black market cheaper than pot sold by authorized dealers is how they generate money. 

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