What Are the Best Vape Pens For 2016?

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What Are the Best Vape Pens For 2016?





Vaporizers provide plenty of benefits to the user, specifically pertaining to a more pleasant smoking experience as well as convenience. By using convection technology instead of fire that leads to combustion, these smoking devices produce vapor that is an inhalation form considered by some to be cleaner than traditional smoke. The minimal odor produced by vapes also leads to a more advantageous and discreet smoking experience. As the vaporizer industry continues to grow in popularity, it’s only natural that vape pens have become a highly sought-after commodity. Although desktop vaporizers are still highly popular, vape pens are a phenomenal alternative due to their most beneficial attribute; portability. The ability to be able to easily bring your vaporizer to a friend’s house, or anywhere out on the go, easily explains the spike in demand for these handheld smoking instruments. This demand has not only led to a wider selections of vaporizers via online headshops, but also a significant shift in the vaporizer discussion. The question many people ask changed from “why should I get a vaporizer?” to “what are the best vape pens?”.

Delta Extrax


PAX 2 Vaporizer

The PAX 2 Vaporizer, released in the middle of last year, far surpasses its predecessor (the original PAX by Ploom) in almost every form imaginable. The PAX 2 has become the premiere handheld vape pen for a myriad of reasons. One of the most attractive attributes that the PAX 2 boasts is that it is extremely user friendly. To successfully operate this
vape, simply press the mouthpiece button to turn it on, wait a brief 30 to 60 seconds for it to heat up (you will know it’s ready for use when the light turns green), and take a slow cigar-like draw from the mouthpiece. With two mouthpiece styles and four temperature presets to choose from, this vaporizer lets every individual tailor their vaping experience exactly to their preference. This dry herb vaporizer also has the latest technology, with an automatic shutoff after 30 seconds of inactivity as well as a lip sensor that provides the same effect if it does not detect your mouth for 20 seconds. This vape pen has a top notch USB charging system, a 10 year limited warranty, and a long battery life. All of these features collectively cement the PAX 2 Vaporizer in the discussion for the best vape pen currently available on the market.


Source Orb V3 Premium Vaporizer Kit

The Source Orb V3 Premium Vaporizer Kit has been garnering popularity in the vape industry and rightfully so. The Source Orb stands apart from a vast majority of vape pens due to its versatility as a dual use vaporizer. The latest version of the Orb by
Source Vapes is compatible for use with both concentrates and dry herbs. As more vape enthusiasts and connoisseurs are trending towards enjoying both concentrates and dry herbs, the Orb ensures that you don’t have to choose between a dry herb vaporizer or a concentrate vape. When it comes to the functionality of the Source Orb, a prominent feature is that it contains quartz crystal atomizers. While most vaporizers utilize ceramic components, this vape uses quartz crystal rods that gives the user a smooth, flavorful, and clean hit of vapor with every use. This premium vaporizer kit comes with 7 distinct atomizers, including a single coil quartz atomizer, a double coil quartz atomizer, and the Source Terra atomizer. The Source Terra atomizer is a heating element made entirely from ceramic and functions with a ceramic donut rather than traditional coils. The Source Orb V3 provides dual use, 7 different atomizers, and revolutionary quartz components. These collective factors lead to this vape pen being an absolute steal at a price point of around $80.


G-Pen Vaporizer Set


The classic G-Pen Vaporizer set the industry standard for vape pens when Grenco Science first formed in 2012. Since their inception into the market, Grenco Science has been at the forefront of the movement from desktop vapes to portable vaporizers. This particular model is for use with concentrates and features many attributes that have led to its popularity and notoriety. This vape pen showcases a sleek appearance, is simple to use, and very easy to clean. An attractive characteristic of the G-Pen is its virtually instant heat-up time of about 5 seconds; guaranteeing you don’t have to wait around to use it. One way in which Grenco Science has become a household brand for vape users is through their affiliations with celebrity rappers Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. Although the Snoop Dogg and Taylor Gang Entertainment (Wiz Khalifa’s record label) lineups of G-Pens have been widely successful, many vaporizer enthusiasts still believe that the original G-Pen is the standard for concentrate vaporizers of any kind. Despite having fantastic aesthetics and superb functionality, the G-Pen Vaporizer finds a way to provide a simple experience for the user and is one of the cheapest vaporizers at just under $40.


Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer


After establishing themselves as one of the dominant manufacturers of desktop vaporizers, Arizer realized what those involved in the vaporizer industry have as well. These days it is all about portability and on the go vaping. Arizer designed the Air Portable Vaporizer to see if they could make a successful transition into the vape pen market. The answer from the vaping community was an emphatic yes. The Arizer Air is intended for use with dry herbs and has an easy to use variable 5 temperature control setting. The 5 temperature presets allow you to customize the type of vapor that this vape pen will release. The Arizer Air has  rechargeable lithium batteries that are interchangeable as well. The battery of this vape allows you to use it while it charges along with having a full hour of continuous use per charge. This vape pen has an automatic shut-off safety feature that comes into effect after 10 minutes of inactivity. The Arizer Air also comes with multiple accessories including a protective silicone case for the vaporizer, a stirring tool, two glass diffuser stems, and one aroma dish. The vaporizer has a ceramic heating element that takes between one to two minutes in order to be at a temperature that is optimal for use. With a durable and compact design, varying temperature settings, and a combination of ceramic and glass heating elements, the Arizer Air is a huge success when it comes to this company’s first foray into portable vaporizers.

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