What Are CBD Dog Treats? How Do They Differ From Tincture?

What Are CBD Dog Treats? How Do They Differ From Tincture?

If you haven’t heard about CBD dog treats yet, you are missing out. Many dog owners in Canada are crazy about CBD products for pets. And among these CBD products, treats are one of the most popular ones.


But, Canadians who have heard about CBD products for pets before, are probably wondering if CBD treats are different from CBD tinctures. Yes, at first glance these two products from different from each other, but what about the content, benefits, and other ingredients? Are they different too?


CBD dog treats


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CBD dog treats are one of the best CBD products for pets that we know today in Canada. Simply because many dog owners are already familiar with giving treats to their furry friends. And as you probably have guessed, giving CBD treats is exactly the same as giving ordinary treats to your dogs. So you don’t have to do anything different at all, perhaps save for the timing of when CBD treats should be given.


These CBD dog treats can be used to help your dog be more comfortable during certain situations. Some dogs are suffering from certain phobias or common ailments that can make its life and yours be a bit more difficult. For example, if your dog is scared of thunderstorms, it might be acting frantically and could hurt itself in confusion and panic. So when you know the trigger for certain phobias is about to happen or already happened, you can give your dog some CBD dog treats to help it calm down.


As for some common ailments, such as arthritis, skin infections, anxiety, and so on, you can give CBD treats to your dog regularly. Over time, your dog’s health may improve thanks to CBD. Dosage may also play an important role here, however. If you can figure out the right dosage for your dog, you can expect your dog’s condition to get better in a short amount of time.


The differences between CBD dog treats and CBD tinctures


With tinctures, you need to put the oil inside your dog’s mouth. This way, your dog can absorb the CBD to feel the effects. Although, you may face some problems, such as your dog refusing to take the tincture. This shouldn’t be an issue with CBD dog treats because obviously, your dog is going to love to get some treats, and there are plenty of variations of these CBD treats.


Ingredients are also one of the key differences between these two products. In CBD dog treats, you may see that these products have more ingredients compared to tinctures. It’s common for CBD treats to have additional ingredients to make them more appealing and beneficial, too. But, depending on what your dog needs, you may have to be more careful about these additional ingredients.



Make sure the ingredients are safe, organic, and beneficial to your furry friend. Read the label carefully, or visit the manufacturer’s website for more information. CBD itself is non-toxic, so you shouldn’t worry about it. THC, on the other hand, could be a concern, so you don’t want any of it in your dog’s treats.


One more thing that Canadians need to worry about is the number of calories in CBD treats. This should not be a problem with tinctures but could be a big problem with treats. Giving too many treats could risk your dog being overweight and unhealthy. To avoid this, choose CBD treats that are low in calories and potent enough. So you don’t have to give your dog too many treats. And this brings us to another problem with is the lower potency of CBD treats. Although, depending on the size and weight of your dog, the difference in potency between treats and tinctures may not be a big deal. If you want to know more about some common ailments that can be improved with CBD, you can consult this matter with a vet in Canada.


What can you expect after giving CBD treats to your dog?


It is clear that dogs get many benefits from CBD treats or other products designed for pets. The benefits they can get pretty much similar to what humans can reap from CBD products. Especially considering that CBD dog treats contain ingredients that are safe for dogs.


After the CBD is ingested safely by the dog, you can expect them to act more calmly. If you see your dog was anxious before due to various reasons, now they will look calmer and more composed. Whatever that was bothering your dog now will most likely not a problem anymore.


Anxiety, which can be a big problem to some dogs will not be much of a bother, both physically and mentally. This can make your dog be calmer during tough situations (thunderstorms, being alone, fireworks, etc.) It will also help to put your dog somewhere safe and quiet while waiting for the CBD to give its benefits.


This kind of result may or may not take a while to be observable. Don’t be alarmed when you don’t see any result immediately. It’s recommended to not increase the dosage of CBD treat too soon. Give it a few hours and see if you can see any changes in your dog’s behavior.


Should you give your dog CBD treats?


The final decision rests in your hands. If you’re sure that your dog needs CBD for whatever reason, then CBD treats could certainly be the solution. Furthermore, being able to administer CBD easily to your dog with treats is not something to be taken lightly. Many dog owners have difficulty at administering CBD to their dogs. But now, I am sure any dog owner even inexperienced ones, can easily give CBD to their furry friends.


If you weigh in all the pros and cons of CBD treats carefully, you should be able to come up with a conclusion that is best for your dog. Just keep in mind the calorie amount, flavor, and lower potency before you decide on which CBD treats are best for your dog.

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