What 3 Things Make the PAX 3 the Sexiest Vape on the Planet?

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What 3 Things Make the PAX 3 the Sexiest Vape on the Planet?

Sex appeal. That’s what it’s all about with the PAX 3. It’s sleek, it’s compact, it’s minimalist… the iPhone of vaporizers. But where did this unique design come from? Why does it give off this feeling of style? The Californian based PAXLabs has got the branding for the PAX 3 spot on, and it is a pleasure to use. But how did they get to this stage? How did they come up with the most distinctive design on the market and inspire a generation of would-be dry herb vapers? Read on to find out more.

1) Apple Inspired Vape Design

There’s no doubt about where the inspiration for the PAX 3 comes from – just one glance at that matte finish and the distinct lack of any noticeable buttons exudes Apple, and by association, California. What a perfect companion for all you Apple fans out there who like a little bit of dry herb vaping in your life – hell, why not download the corresponding PAX app from the Apple App Store? 😉 In fact, the inspiration is so obviously taken from Apple it doesn’t just stop with the vape itself, let’s consider the packaging for a moment – an unnecessarily large white box with a hefty padded base protecting all the vital components of the PAX 3 (don’t go damaging those cleaning brushes!), ring any bells?

California Vaping

But seriously, when you see your PAX 3 sitting there on the living room table don’t you just dream of driving down the magnificent California coastline in the glorious sunshine, the waves breaking invitingly against the shore, vaping your PAX 3 just before an awesome surf sesh? I know this guy is…

If you’re interested in a less tongue-in-cheek breakdown, check out the latest review of the PAX 3 by Australian Vaporizers.

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2) The PAX 3 is the Minimalist’s Wet Dream

What is it about a lack of stuff that gets people so… excited? Whatever it is, the PAX 3 absolutely smashes it – with just one hidden button at the top of the vaporizer and a petal interface the size of Donald Trump’s tiny tiny tiny microscopic midget hands, there is so little “stuff” on this vape it’s unbelievable, and yet it still functions amazingly well. Plus, those petals light up all different colours; their wonderful rainbow-coloured illuminations are a joy to behold.

A Discreet Brand for a Discreet Vaporizer

You’ve even got the small but unmistakable logo of the PAX 3 etched on the back of the box, not to mention the logo on the back of the vape itself. The logo is overtly unnoticeable, which again reminds me of a certain other company, only becoming visible as it catches the light as you tilt the PAX 3 vaporizer from side to side. In other words, PAXLabs has the audacity and the confidence to say, “We don’t need to emblazon our logo on the front of our product, because everyone knows who we are already.” What cheek, but boy is it effective.

3) PAX 3 Vaporizer Accessories Galore…some!

Those exquisite cleaning brushes aren’t the only additional accessories worth mentioning about the PAX 3 (don’t even get me started on the multi-tool!). The PAX 3 Complete Kit also comes complete with the raised mouthpiece, letting you reap the benefits of that extended air flow; the half-pack oven lid, allowing you to get more lavendered off your lavender (or parsleyed, or basiled, or even chamomiled, whatever your preference); not to mention the ingenious concentrate insert, which opens the PAX 3 up to a whole realm of different concentrate possibilities – this is probably the most innovative and game-changing of the additional accessories, and vaping some essential oil infused water in your PAX 3 is a completely different experience worth trying out.

By the way, I make no excuses for the excellent galore-some pun – it’s the only way to describe the vast array of different PAX 3 accessories you need to get your clammy-with-anticipation mits on.

So, Are You Ready to Get Your Vape On?

If your wardrobe is oozing style and your pockets are bulging with every Apple product under the sun, the PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer by PAXLabs is definitely the one for you. This little vape will certainly make a welcome addition to your “vibe,” and everyone has to admit, it is one cool little mofo.

PAX 3 Vaporizer Review

If you’re not convinced yet, or would simply like to find out some more detailed information about the actual credentials of the PAX 3, check out this super in-depth review by Australian Vaporizers. This is THE best and most up-to-date PAX 3 vaporizer review out there, with a detailed look at everything from vapour quality to heating to battery life AND an awesome video review to go with it. There’s no marketing spiel with these guys, they just tell it how it is.  

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