Weedmaps Launches Electronic Billboard Ad in Times Square

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Weedmaps Launches Electronic Billboard Ad in Times Square

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“High, NYC” Campaign aims to Mobilize an NYC Marijuana Community in Advance of Legalization

Weedmaps, the leading listings and review site for marijuana dispensaries, today announces the launch of its New York City marijuana resource websiteimages, weedmaps.com/nyc, which is being publicized with a 26-by-20 foot electronic billboard in Time Square, the Big Apple’s first mainstream marijuana advertisement. With the tagline “High, NYC,” the website and advertisement aim to bring about awareness of and mobilize a community for marijuana in advance of its legalization in New York City.

“With the recent adoption of marijuana legislation across the country, Weedmaps has received a lot of interest from New Yorkers who want the same,” said Justin Hartfield, CEO of Weedmaps. “And our company strongly believes that marijuana prohibition ruins the lives of countless New Yorkers – we’re denying them access to needed medicine. The purpose of this campaign is to help push legalization and promote responsible marijuana use in a professional, highbrow manner.”

While a recent Quinnipiac University poll found that nearly 90 percent of New Yorkers support legalized medical marijuana, the state government has yet pass its Compassionate Care Act, which would allow approximately 20 New York hospitals to serve medical marijuana patients. In fact, the Governor and Senate leaders failed to include it in its recent budget agreement, making it unlikely that it will be a reality in 2014.

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The new website features multiple sections, including ones that outline where New Yorkers can access information about proposed marijuana legislation and the legislators behind it, as well as news articles and Frequently Asked Questions about marijuana in New York City. It also features a guide that highlights City attractions, restaurants, famous New Yorkers who support marijuana and a section where supporters can upload pictures.

The 10-second electronic billboard advertisement, which will appear on the CBS Super Screen on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, will run 18-hours-a-day for 61 days and feature a link to its New York City marijuana resource site.

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