Weedmaps.com Donates $1 Million to California Legalization Campaign

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Weedmaps.com Donates $1 Million to California Legalization Campaign

Weedmaps.comweedmaps, a website that connects people with medical cannabis dispensaries and doctors, has contributed $1 million to a campaign looking to place a recreational cannabis legalization initiative on the 2016 general election ballot.

The money, donated by Weedmaps Media, LLC (formed in 2008), was given to Californians for Sensible Reform. It’s unclear exactly what the language of the proposed initiative will be, but it’s expected to be revealed in the coming days.

The initiative is separate from a legalization proposal filed this week by Americans For Policy Reform. That initiative would legalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis, while establishing a California Cannabis Commission to regulate the industry.

An entirely separate cannabis-related measure, filed this week by Californians for Compassionate and Sensible Access, would override local restrictions on cannabis and cannabis businesses.

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According to polling released last month by the Public Policy Institute of California, 55% of voters in the state support legalizing cannabis.


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