WeedMaps CEO Attempting to Open Recreational Cannabis Farmer’s Market in Boulder, Colorado

Justin Hartfield, CEO of weedmaps.com – a website designed to connect patients with doctors and access points in states where medical cannabis is legalGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA – wants to open an organic cannabis farmer’s market in the town of Boulder, Colorado, and is considering pushing a proposal to the city’s council to make such a market legal.

The market, if it were to open, would be modeled after medical cannabis farmer’s markets in places like Seattle, Washington, but would be open for all adults 21 and older. However, even after the passage of Amendment 64 in November which legalized cannabis possession and retail sales, a cannabis farmer’s market may fall outside of what’s legally allowed.

Boulder’s mayor has stated that although he doesn’t necessarily see such a proposal working, he’s open to the idea.

Boulder’s attorney Jeff Gard is more blunt in his view of the situation; “There’s not going to be a farmers market,” he stated, “You’re not going to be able to buy weed off the street. That’s drug dealing. They’ve made a very clear distinction (in state law).”

Even if it isn’t workable (under current state law), the discussion of such proposals continues the conversation about what a legal cannabis industry should and will look like.


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  1. Mr. Hartfield would be better to use his time making his piece of shite weedmaps website work correctly before he puts himself out infront of the industry like this. As a dispensary owner, I can attest to the fact that weedmaps is a terrible system, terribly expensive, and just a piece of shite that gets worse each day.


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