We had Vegan Soft-Serve Hemp Ice Cream at Seattle Hempfest, and it was Excellent

We had Vegan Soft-Serve Hemp Ice Cream at Seattle Hempfest, and it was Excellent

Ice cream with the vast nutritional benefit of hemp, with the smooth, creamy and decadent flavor and texture of the best soft-serve you’ve ever had: That’s what we stumbled uponhempicecream at Seattle Hempfest this weekend, where we were able to purchase hemp soft serve ice cream, located at a booth which also sold hemp burgers, hemp lattes and hemp bakery items.

At first bite of the hemp soft-serve, you notice how creamy it is compared to normal ice cream – it’s as smoothly textured as you could possibly want a soft-serve ice cream to be. Beyond that, you notice how wonderful the flavor is; it was easily some of the best ice cream we’ve ever had.


It looks like normal soft-serve ice cream, but it’s chock-full of valuable nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids.

Remarkably, the hemp flavor is extremely subtle; if you were to give this to someone who didn’t know it was made with hemp, they would never know, but would almost certainly find it to be delicious.

Beyond the great taste, it’s a great feeling enjoying topnotch ice cream – which is vegan and made almost entirely from hemp milk – knowing that you’re ingesting a large amount of omega-3s, as well as other valuable nutrients that are found in hemp.

If the world could try this ice cream, a dessert revolution would occur: There’s no need for dairy-based ice cream when hemp can do it better, and healthier.

All-in-all, soft-serve hemp ice cream is yet another example of the massively diverse potential of hemp.


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