What Are the Best Ways to Consume Marijuana Without Smoking?

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What Are the Best Ways to Consume Marijuana Without Smoking?

What are the best ways to consume marijuana without smoking it?

Ways to Consume Marijuana All types of people use marijuana; all ages, races and social classes. Not everyone likes actually smoking it, however, or some people simply can’t do so depending on their condition. Because of this alternative forms of consuming cannabis have gained widespread popularity in recent years.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the best and most popular ways to consume marijuana without smoking it:


Edibles (Marijuana-Infused Foods)

Marijuana edibles are probably the most popular alternative to smoking, and definitely one of the best. Edibles include any food item that’s been infused with cannabis. This can include traditional items like marijuana brownies and cookies, to more intricate dishes like spaghetti with cannabis-infused marinara sauce and olive oil. Cannabis-infused drinks such as sodas and teas are also gaining popularity.

How it differs from smoking:

When consuming edibles you’ll notice two primary differences from smoking marijuana; one, the onset takes much longer. Whereas smoking gives you an almost immediate high, the effects of edibles can take half an hour to two hours; depending on the edible and person.

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Second, edibles have a much longer-lasting higher than smoking; typically 4 to 6 hours compared to 2 to 3 hours.

Edibles also tend to give users a stronger body-high than smoking.



Topicals are another way to to get cannabis in your system that’s been growing in popularity. This includes marijuana lotions and ointments, which are common among medical cannabis dispensaries and cannabis retail outlets in areas where it’s legal.

How it differs from smoking:

Unless a massive amount is applied, topicals won’t get you high. Despite this, they provide intense medical relief to the part of the body it’s being applied to. This has made marijuana topicals a popularity option among those who understand the medical benefits of marijuana, but don’t want a change in their state of mind.



Marijuana tinctures function in a way similar to edibles, but are typically much less powerful in terms of their high (though not necessarily in terms of their medical benefits).

How it differs from smoking:

Like edibles tinctures have a longer onset and longer-lasting medical relief than smoking. However, unlike smoking tinctures are unlikely to get you high; this is unless a large amount is taken of tincture that is high in THC. Tinctures are taken by placing a few drops under the tongue or into drinks like tea.



Marijuana pills are a convenient option for many patients; it doesn’t require smoking, doesn’t require an appetite to consume it, etc..

Typically marijuana pills are simply gel tabs filled with cannabis that has been activated (heated in something fat-heavy like butter or oil). These can be made at home or purchased at a cannabis outlet if in an area where it’s legal.

How it differs from smoking:

The effects of pills are almost identical to edibles; a relatively slow onset and long-lasting effects. Marijuana pills also tend to pack quite a punch, depending on the dose taken.

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