Washington State Releases Final Proposed Regulations for Recreational Cannabis Industry

Washington State’s Liquor Control Board – the entity tasked with regulating the newly-legal recreational cannabis industry – has released their final proposed regulations, after months of discussion and public input.Liquor-board-logo-with-marijuana-leaf-300x300

The board will be holding public hearing between August 6th and 8th (locations to be posted here), with final rules being adopted on August 14th; they will go into effect on September 16th.

If the proposed regulations become law:

  • Outdoor grow operations will be allowed, as long as they have 8-foot tall walls surrounding them.
  • Those wanting to become licensed to grow or sell cannabis will need to be a Washington residents for at least 3 months.
  • All cannabis must be tested for things like molds, pesticides and THC content before being sold.
  • Advertising cannabis businesses is allowed, as long as they don’t include, and aren’t marketed towards minors.
  • Strict labeling requirements will be in place; all cannabis products must contain dosage and content results from a 3rd party lab test, etc..
  • Tourists will be authorized to purchase and consume cannabis (the entire proposed regulations can be found here).

Those wanting to give their input to the Liquor Control Board can find information on doing so by clicking here.

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