Washington State Liquor Control Board Considering Allowing Outdoor Grows and Cannabis Concentrates

Washington recreational cannabis logo, designed by the state's Liquor Control Board.

Washington’s recreational cannabis logo, designed by the state’s Liquor Control Board.

After receiving hundreds of comments, suggestions and complaints from the public over their proposed draft regulations for Washington State’s newly-legal recreational cannabis industry, the state’s Liquor Control Board (LCB) has announced that they’ll be reconsidering several of their proposed provisions, including the allowance of cannabis grown outdoors and cannabis concentrates (such as hash oils).

One of the provisions that the board is reconsidering, is a prohibition on outdoor grow-operations for those who are licensed by the state to cultivate cannabis. At this point, the point is leaning in favor of altering their draft regulations to allow outdoor cultivation.

“With the proper security, we feel that outdoor grows would work as well as indoor grows,” stated Karne McCall, rules coordinator for the LCB, noting that sun-grown cannabis can lead to a significantly smaller carbon foot-print.

The board is also reconsidering a prohibition on cannabis concentrates – such as hash oils – after receiving a large number of suggestions in favor of such a move. However, given the language of Initiative 502, it may require a legislative change rather than a regulatory change made by the LCB. Either way, the board seems in favor of such a move, noting that retaining their illegality would only fuel the black-market, which could make it more likely for legislators to take on the issue.

The LCB will be releasing an updated set of draft regulations on July 3rd, with the plans expected to be finalized in August. The board will begin a 30-day licensing process in September.

Licensed recreational retail outlets are expected to open early next year.


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