Washington State Garners $148,256 in Taxes in First Three Days of Legal Cannabis Sales

In the first three days of legal recreational cannabis sales Washington State has earned nearly $150,000 in excise taxes, and that’scannabismoney with just six outlets open on day one, and that number doesn’t include the money made from state and local sales taxes.

In the first day of sales on Tuesday, the state earned $61,604 in excise taxes. The number dropped to $30,924 on Wednesday, before rising to $55,728 on Thursday, bringing the total to $148,256. The figures were released Friday by the state’s Liquor Control Board, the entity tasked with regulating the new industry.

As a result of the huge introductory demand for legal cannabis in Washington State, Cannabis City, Seattle’s only cannabis outlet, has already sold out, and won’t have any more for as long as two weeks.

In total there are 334 recreational cannabis outlets approved for the state, though most won’t be ready to open until the coming weeks and months.


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