Washington State Garners $1.75 Million in Taxes from Legal Recreational Cannabis Sales in August

New data released by the Washington State Liquor Control Board has revealed that the state garneredmoney approximately $1.75 million in taxes from $6.9 million of legal recreational cannabis sold in the month of August. The numbers are up substantially from July, where sales reached $3.8 million, bringing in around $1 million in taxes for the state.

In the first eight days of September, there’s been $1.9 million in legal cannabis sold, putting the state on track to garner an additional $1.8 million in taxes for September. In total, $12.6 million in legal cannabis has been sold from July 8th – the first day of legal sales – to September 8th.

In Washington, the possession and state-licensed distribution of up to an ounce of cannabis, and a small amount of cannabis-infused edibles and liquids, is legal in the state for those 21 and older. Cannabis is taxed 25% at three different levels, in addition to a standard 10% sales tax.

Recent figures from Colorado show that the state sold over $29 million in legal recreational cannabis in the month of July.


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