Washington Measure Allowing Medical Marijuana at School Passes House Committee with 13 to 3 Vote

Medical Marijuana at School
Marijuana tincture.

Legislation to allow medical marijuana to be administered on school grounds has been passed by its first committee in Washington.

The state’s House Health Care and Wellness Committee passed House Bill 1060 with a 13 to 3 vote.The measure would allow medical cannabis products to be administered on school grounds to qualified patients. School grounds includes school buses and any school event.

According to its legislative digest, it:

Requires a school district to permit a student who meets certain requirements to consume marijuana for medical purposes on school grounds, aboard a school bus, or while attending a school-sponsored event. Requires the board of directors of a school district to adopt a policy that authorizes parents, guardians, and primary caregivers to administer marijuana to a student for medical purposes while the student is on school grounds, aboard a school bus, or attending a school-sponsored event.

Initially the proposal was assigned to the House Education Committee, but was quickly ‘relieved of further consideration” and sent to the House Healthcare and Wellness Committee. The bill now moves towards a vote in the full House of Representatives, where it’s expected to pass. If it does, it will be sent to the Senate, and if passed there (a little more uncertain) will go to Governor Jay Inslee.

You can click here for the full text of House Bill 1060.

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