Washington House Unanimously Passes Bill to Regulate Marijuana Edibles Same as Other Foods

A Washington bill requiring state officials to regulate marijuana-infused food products the same as other foods has been passed unanimously by the state’s House of Representatives.

Marijuana cupcakes. (Photo: Jason Redmond/Reuters)

House Bill 1462 has also been approved by the Senate Agriculture, Water, Trade & Economic Development Committee. The proposal “Requires the department of agriculture to regulate marijuana-infused edible processing the same as other food processing under the state food processing act.”

It also “Requires a marijuana processor that processes, packages, or makes marijuana-infused edibles to obtain an annual marijuana-infused edible endorsement.”

The proposal mandates that the rules for marijuana edibles “must be written and interpreted to be consistent with rules adopted by the board and the department of health.”

The measure was filed by Representative Shelley Kloba (D) along with four bipartisan cosponsors. You can find the measure’s full text by clicking here.

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